Thursday , June 8 2023

Shoplifter (24) escaped from St. Gallen's Rosenberg tunnel


A 24-year-old man escaped on Tuesday evening after a stampede at St Gallon railway station. The police caught him and suffered railway traffic.

On Tuesday evening, when the city police had 20 clocks, St. Gallon was a message about a beach. The Rossenburg Tunnel is about 1.5 km east of St Gallen Central Station and St. One 24-year-old shoplifter who could escape from behind for help.

The traffic of the city companies was to reach the tunnel, and slowly run out to express it with a commuter train. With success, you can catch a 24-year-old boy. He interviewed police station on Tuesday evening.

This was due to a halt by the train after the train halted the traffic. According to «Tagblatt», the «evek» stolen the station. (Pla)

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