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SCB: Like the egg as the wheel – News Sport: Ice Hockey


Just like the players SC Bern On Sunday evening, the ice of the temporary "Molly 2.0" in Lausanne, and each of the 6700 stadiums in the stadium in LHC, understood each: a temporary form of new stadium construction would generate fewer meters.

Bold metal grant stands are not made for maintant and rhythmic pound, making it an uncomfortable omission.

But in vain: home fans, so all at the hall, because a Gästesektor does not exist here, so excited, they did not notice. They celebrated SCB against the score 4: 1, the eighth success of their team. And when he had thus spoken, Beersheba fell on his face, and said, What then shall we have?

This is the allegation that commitment in the SCB is committed to. They were there, physical flavor and brand bounces, Simon Moser's early open ice check was a highlight today. "We tried to play as usual," Gregory Syarone said.

Many lounge opportunities

Lossan had enough shots on goal. Statisticians received 66 attempts. Out of these, 34 passengers crossed by Santo Surkirchen. They have won the Lossan goalkeeper. So fork, physical exertion, aggressiveness and shots were there. Finally, 4: 1 was finally eligible for Lossan.

Burner Tor was always in the home team before heading forwards, but it was always a danger to the publisher home team from all the places in Burney. It is often happening at the Bern Games. Only five games were won by Berlin. Only seven goals have been scored.

"Dangerous opportunities have been lost." Leonardo Genoni, Bernice Goalkeeper, experienced a joke evening. He saw that his team was in heavier goods, but nothing created.

Following Lossani's assault, it fell in front of Genoni. On 2-0 he was seen as an opponent. But at the last minute, he never scored six or six goals.

First goal

SCB did so, but remained in a position like the hooves on the wheel, especially if a striker is still in the woods still waiting for Savononi, in Davos, where he is still waiting for his first championship goal in a Bernice garment.

Tysonis said: "You can not think of this first goal in my situation, but I must admit with honesty: I'm thinking about it."

Speaking about today's interesting facts, Sairaroni said: "Lausanne is like us." The former Assistant Chief of Karimajon trained Peltonan LHC. His team's infinite confidence was predicted by Pelotan Jalonen.

The SCB appeared in such a mirror and was again lost in the Largest organizational team. It was fun in one case: Andrew Ebert, who was as surprised as Lucas Flick's start – the Jonas Junkland from behind the top scorer Bernese top scorer.

The SCB does not exist for the time to reflect. Tomorrow, it will meet Malmo in the Champions League. The first knockout round attempts to score the score in the first leg and score 1: 4.

"This is possible!" Genoni said. "We had more dangerous potentials in Malmö than in Lausanne." Czaronic may have a good SLL game. He already met Bern for that match.

Lausanne – Barne 4: 1 (3: 1, 0: 0, 1: 0)

6700 viewers (sold). – SR Viagund / DIPTERRO, Gnome / Ambrose.
Goals: 16. Meyer (Bybery, Archobello) 2: 1. 20. 19:31 Emalton (Junland, Kenias) 3: 1 48. Emelton (Burski, Kentucky) 4: 1.
For penalties: 3 times 2 minutes each. – Post Finance Topsaker: Junland; Ebbeth.
Lausanne: Goodbye; Junkland, Grossman; Jennacy, Lindombrum; Nodari, fry; Troutman, borl; Vermin, Jeffrey, Leone; Bersky, ameralee, kensis; Mo, in-alphony, and antoniativity; Trabber, Fraudwax, Simik.
Burn: Gneni; Burn, Almquist; Camerin, Blum; Anderson, Biberur Garber; War; Biblus, Archobelle, Mozar; Murzak, Ebte, Rufnchet; Scarononi, Haas, Scarque; Berger, Hem, Grassy; Beat.
Comment by: Lusen, Sanager (injured), Mitchell (infected), Shilling (Mitchell), Barn Gemede, Marty, Andersander (all sufferers), and Krugagar (illness). – 16 Timing burn (coaches challenge). (Berners newspaper)

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