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SBB: Moth Burney Zurich is in line

For three months, the moth root ber- succeed – the loss of SBB

Shortly thereafter, reports of long-distance trains have been reported. The website Pünktlichkeit.ch makes it clear that this is a confusion. During the past seven days, the Burns-Zurich route has been delayed by one of the four cases. SBB is a loss.

Some issues are reported from November – particularly the affected Alberton area:

  • 23.11: The line line between Olten and Zürich has been suspended temporarily. The reason is: a blanket breakdown.
  • 19.11: Closing tracks on Olden station It is a day of delay and failure. The reason is: one person is trained.
  • 14.11: Traffic traffic has been weakened for a night in Switzerland. Reason: An IT problem in SBB.
  • 13.11: Returns to a train burning around Solothon. The rail traffic in this line is limited. Reason: a broken switch.
  • 10.11: The way to Olten to Bernal is temporarily closed. The reason is: a broken train.
  • 05.11: Disorders from Allen to Bern. There is a delay. Reason: Prevents a train route.

If the number of SBB is taken care of over three minutes and the delays are considered delayed, this parallels Route Bern-Sürk refers to every second train.

The SRB numbers in the SRF are confirmed. Many interruptions, such as interlocking issues or engineering degradation, are below average low levels in the last three months. But there is no connection. "Now a solution has been created and it's very hard now," Ginseng said.

About 91 per cent of the scheduled travel destinations for SBB can not be reached on time. In the first half of 2018, the target could not be achieved, and the value in the last three months dropped. Now there are some delays in the winter, where, and by experience. (In downtown)

The cold and the sage would be the same:

Video: Watson

Swiss responds to the smoke in train stations

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