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Risk of Children Infected by Atestic Children – Switzerland: Standard


How many times have it been invested in CHF 200,000 once per million dollar? The federal council is presenting a new report on autism in Switzerland. As the Federal Council writes, new therapies offer treatment for astatic disorders.

Thanks to these treatments, many authors can live more freely if they do not heal. This allows the state, particularly the moons, to protect its protective costs. This protective capacity is at stake because most cannons are not yet ready to support the treatments.

Ā«Substantial improvementsĀ»

These are called early early interventions. Autism children are treated with special treatments from two years to two years of age. It uses medical and pedagogical methods. This multilateral tradition comes from the United States. Swiss autism experts have been working on the experimental basis for 15 years.

A pilot trial is taking place since 2014. Suite Insurance (IV) on a test basis – CHRI 4500 children, Zurich, Junior, Mitchell BL, Essesh BL, Sorong TI and Geneva in five athletic centers.

Jury University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) Recently completed ecclesiastical studies recently confirmed that the novel methods were effective. Many questions are open. However, the treatment "can have significant improvement in the situation of the child, the quality of life of the parents, the cost of education and the cost of the financial cost".

15 million patients

When there are 20 therapy sessions every week, the treatments are intensive and expensive. At least 200,000 energy will be spent on a two year plan. The remaining amount after the donation has been made is now applicable to private sponsors and parents. In some cases, the positioning centers of the centers also make a contribution.

However, the cost is huge profits. The federal council is considered an average confidence in the average monthly 25,000 francs. Divided into 50 years, it creates 15 million francs for one person. Programs would be paid financially if only two percent of the early interaction partners could live independently. People should not mention the positive effects of the lives of the affected people and their families.

David Bachmann, the son of Cesilele Buckman, president of the Swiss Autism Association, is one of the first children to benefit from such early interventions in Switzerland. "Thank you for this event, my son has gone through a lot of development," she says. A son whose son was living at a very high level of autism, his son was five years old. Today, he still needs to be a 19-year-old, but he has a conversation about early intervention.

Every expert in Switzerland will have 100 children a year, which will spend 20-30 million francs.

According to the report, if the effect is scientifically proven, the Federal Council will expand its four-year pilot exam. He wants to use this time to build a model that can provide as many children as possible to get intensive care in the future. Every expert in Switzerland will have 100 children a year, which will spend 20-30 million francs. But the question is.

The Federal Council ultimately demands that the cantons be paid in the future. According to the Financial Equation (NFA) Act, IV is the sole responsibility of the Medical Unit of the Intensive Care Unit and the educational and educational field.

In recent years, the Confederation is in talks with Canonal Education and Social and Health Directors in relation to partnership with the financial sector. ZHAW researchers say there is a "black patch" between the federal government and the continents at the expense of children.

Align breeze warning

At present social, health and education directors have written to the Social Affairs Alain Bresett (SP). In a paragraph issued by a new order issued by the Bersht Department to implement this demand, a paragraph like a warning has been included. The right to exit "at any time" from the pilot test is vested in IV. According to the federal council, according to the federal council, the only payment of IV is "not to comply with the law".

In the three canonical conferences, it is possible to determine how the letter from the Bertet letter will be answered in January. (Editors and thermodynamics)

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