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You're the doctor in literature, your real name is Jan Arnold, the author of the novels. How did you come to an entertainer?

As a literary scholar, I wished to forget me sometimes. As a thirty-year-old man, I was trying to write immortal masterpieces and classics – that was not a minor thing. Finally: We all love stories. Crimes are good stories. Clearly explained.

But what's the most bloody way to say about the crime?

Life and death always interferes with literature. Good and bad, good and evil. It's about the dark side of existence. This will become more clear when the crime comes. And you get big audiences. I do not want to write myself anymore.

John Arnold and Arna Dal now write parallel. Is another useful? Are you jealous of one another?

Both of them are in a very complex relationship. But I was Raul, and Jan Arnard read more. At least less. But I say: I'm really in love with Kimir, it's a beautiful way of saying things. Of course, Thriller has a very strong story, it's about action, not the situation. However, I try to change the boundaries of this literature and incorporate them into literary hints.

"Thriller has a therapeutic system – as an author."

Recently, Joyce, Shakespeare or the Bible play a role.

90% of my creativity blamed the crimes. But everything. That is why I write Jan Arnold novels. I need more time for that. Sometimes years, until I find access to topic. The next book does not have to wait five years. So I have two different errors written by me.

What should be the result of your detective stories on readers?

I think the old Katriss effect still works with a good thriller. There is a darkness in the darkness, but the promise is that the truth finally comes to light, irrationality and trouble are transformed logically. There is absolutely no real terror in our world. This leads to fears that can be irrational. They work and quit within the Thriller. They are filled with a book in a square shape. Finally, the balance between good and evil will be restored to balance between right and wrong. In this way, the thriller has a treatment – as a writer.

This category is growing. Is our life really cool? Should we get excited from these characters?

That's another way. We do not need crime thrillers in a perfect world. The greatest success of this race is a sign that something is wrong – criminologists try to catch something on it. Crime is always a society of crimes. An image of the film depicts how crime will change, how the society will change. What are some of the crimes committed by a criminal card fraud, cyber crime, and a criminal offense to the Internet?

"Some thrillers read about sleeping, and I want more from readers."

Why do people kill each other? Because they have experienced terrible things in the past or "evil"?

Many things explain: The Apostles beat their sons and become violent. Besides, there can be described: Serial killer is also a pleasant childhood. Then there is something in human nature, or is there any other issue? Is there a genuine evil? In 20 years we can identify such a gene. Periodically, an annotation is a blur. There is a sweet cook for the crime writer. By the way, most criminals are good stubble. This is an unnatural element in my books that my criminals are very intelligent.

Otherwise, investigators will end soon.

No surprise criminals will go unnoticed. For example, big financial fraud.

But they are innocent. Why thrillers always need murders and fake?

First of all with two answers: Murder affects the relationship between life and death, a complete limit. No return. Second, even the vast economic crimes are related to violence, even if it does not always come to light. Violence is merely an open maneuver of power, power is an aberration. I would like to write a Thriller without all kinds of crimes. But I have not found any topic and method yet. That's impossible.

"I have a tendency towards rational logic and pure satirism.

This section contains Scandinavia Thrillers. Do you have this?

In the 1960s Scandinavia Thriller was started by Sajowal / Valao. "Caller" of Swedish social democracy, this series with commissioner Beck and his team. What is behind the beauty of "Volksheim", where everyone is happy and happy. This is a politically left-wing tradition. My first 15 novels are related to A Series, Opchop Series. Today, many people write that way, this is a real wave, including a bad stuff. Today I will not count myself. There are Thrillers, and you can sleep for half of the beach. I want some more from my readers. You have to enjoy some complicated logic.

Native community has changed greatly for reasons like immigration, right hand, terrorism, and extraordinary murder …

This is reflected in my novels. New threat requires a new kind of policy, new methods, and secret investigators. There is no transparency and a very secretive way to get away from democratic control. It is difficult to say I can say on both sides of my jubilee literature.

In order to keep the readers in the floods of new releases, do not have to constantly increase the dose as a crime writer?

This is actually a problem. Some authors like to illustrate the violence of violence. I do not think so. I am a clear record of the discernment between the violence and the violence. Today, it is difficult to write a thriller Latin film of Agatha Christie. A library and ten suspects are gradually expelled. Increasing the amount is associated with our reality. But the media tells us of our perspective. Everything is very close, the smartphone gives you all the horrors of the free house of the world, every day, every day. In the past, the crime would have been low, but we did not find them. Today we see them, so things get worse and worse.

"Excitement is a big conspiracy."

In 1986, Prime Minister Olif Palma was murdered. Sweden has the most famous criminal case. Soon there are new explanations. Do you have one

My cousin says: "A big conspiracy involving the South African ramifications regime will be either the Swedish security services or the right-wing extremists in the CIA, and I say a man is a native: it's coincidence, some gunfire is a gunman, and there's a guy named Olif Pamme.

It can also be said of the conditions in the Swedish Academy along with the Criminal Law, which awarded Nobel Prize. Is there an opportunity for academics?

Even if you modify and perform repairs, no action is required. Even the Nobel Prize is not good. I do not think there will be a prize in 2019. I'm clear: all should go, and all 18 members must be re-elected.

Who can do this?

may be. The Nobel Foundation Academy is dismissed and a new institution is started. In any case, everyone is now defamed. (Editors and thermodynamics)

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