Wednesday , September 28 2022

Planned Chudiparking – Basel Stadt – Basel against 3500 signatures


Competitive Chudiparking competitors want to collect 3500 signatures in a few weeks. However, for a plea – but the certified competitors only need one such referendum. Tomorrow, delegates of the committee will hand over the defensive capacities collected by the government to a car park under the Cheude Park. This is the result of an invitation.

The University of Basel (UKBB) is building a parking under the Chundi Park against the main entrance of the Children's Hospital. It was published in late September, 2018. After a general informational session, the project's resistance was formed. Opponents complain about neighboring traffic. "Since then, the polls in the city of Kental Basel have decided to reduce the number of private motor vehicles in the Cantonment sector by 10 per cent and not necessarily to include the people responsible for planning the" Responsible Building and Transport Department ".

The British said in the statement that the parking conditions have not changed since the UK moved to the hospital in 2011. In Parking, UKBB has 229 available in 347 parking spaces. 24 million francs will be acquired by the hospital itself. Three dozen parking lots will lie above the ground, because Chudpak is huge.

Although the first building date is 2020, according to the building and traffic department, it's unexpected. First, the draft must go through the grant council and subsequent refund period. A reference requires 2000 signatures.

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