Friday , March 24 2023

Microsoft releases update in October: That's why you have to wait


Microsoft's basic approach continues to be the same: The first customers, who use the monthly updater to show their own initiatives, for example, to include an ISO file, and manually handling the Media Creation Tool or Development Wizard. At that moment, we could not find it through Windows Update, but when we started updating the search. Until the October update comes automatically, it may take longer than other Windows 10 updates.

Windows 10 is always the case when an update is not releasing updates on all devices. On the other hand, for instance, new tools receive prior updates older than the old and evaluate the diagnostic data that Microsoft controls delivery delivery of updates. In order to meet many data, Microsoft relies on Microsoft's dependence on machine learning. For example, if problems with a specific manufacturer's notebook range arise, like a new Windows with a specific program or configuration, Microsoft can understand the update of these devices.

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