Monday , June 5 2023

Jungle Camp 2019: Yutha's father claims he is telling him


Basin Yatta told Kang in his tears that he was often beaten up as a baby. His father says he's lying.

Bastian Yotta (42) showed unusual injuries in the camp. "Every day I beat him up like a kid – with a call – every day!" He said. Despite his many attempts, his father will not contact his father today.

Now father defends himself against accusations. "I never beat Bastia, there was not a floor in the house," Joseph Gilmire told the RTL interview. It should be noted only if the busstand is noticed.

Father shows evidence

Additionally, a quotation from the Yotas speech was published on his 50th birthday. There are many other things to say: "Dear dad, you are the one you are, if you're often too often you know everything, there's a piece of air up there." He said with words: "Wait for me, I'll come to you, I love you ! "

Depending on the "image" information, it's not as good as talking to each other. Already TV7 from the Guillermar trash in 2017. "My education was very similar, since you said you should not lie," he wrote. (Bnr)

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