Wednesday , March 22 2023

Its social program will be implemented without the consent of social partners


"The social program was completed by the staff of the Tandemia Editorial Service," Tamadia as his current communications. Social Participants seem to have accepted the general approach. Far from it: Negotiations about the social plan are damaging, and its proposal for adequate need to end it in the context of the collective agreement (GAV). One argues that one does not want to "keep the affected laborers" for more time and give them the opportunity to reunite themselves.

Dozens of workers in the street tend to tender in French-Speaking Switzerland and "Basler Zeengung", because new system and new production systems are driven by automation and increasing efficiency in Tamadia's editorial services. In Western Switzerland, especially "in the mete", these have occasionally collaborated with the strikes. Recently, a more elaborate social program for social programs offered by other Swiss publishers did not make a statement by Tamizya. At the same time, it turns out that the Tamedia editorial services in western Switzerland and "Le Mans" employees have rejected this social plan. Against "Basel Zenankun" employees, the same benefits apply.

People are now looking for solutions to get rid of the disease. Therefore, laws have been initiated within the framework of the collective agreement to implement this social plan as soon as possible. PD / Knox

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