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Goldman Sachs transfers commodities this year – Causes | 22/1/19


2018 is not a good year for commodities. Political uncertainties and the US Federal Reserve's economic policies created turbulent market development. But it is possible to change this in 2019, Bankers of Goldman Sachs is sure to be sure.

Trade Conflicts, Braxite and Rising Interest Rates – In 2018, an event which has no significant impact on the market. Especially gold prices were experiencing in the atmosphere. But according to Jeff Crisis, Goldman can become the Director of Goods' Charching this year.

Four intellectual causes of goods

In an interview given to CNBC, Vendors say that investment banknotes are like oil Gold Good. There are many reasons for this: "For the first time, there is a higher interest rate [durch die Fed] Furthermore, "notes Correntas, the federal suspension of dollar exchange, and a weak dollar of councils make it attractive for many investors.

In December, Obeki finances some experts. This would have resulted in a sharp rise in prices from Chinese economic growth and other strong oil demand. Oil prices rose three per cent overnight. The decline in monetary stimulus continued to decrease.

Gold will be awarded in 2019

Still, the state of economic and political uncertainties remain. It will continue in the United States and Europe in 2019. According to experts, gold investing is proving safe for many investors. Increase the rising wealth of the middle class in India and China and raise the price of expensive metals. Above all, gold demand and use of gold in technology.

Gold has always been a safe haven for many investors during the crisis. However, in 2018 valuable metal was not visible. The US Federal Reserve will increase interest rate. Investment interest is more attractive compared to gold. But in December, the federal declaration was only 2 percent in 2019. According to a number of experts, it will put pressure on the goods and give them relaxation in the new year.


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