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Federal government wants to take action against traffic jams due to lack of temporary security


Temporary shortage of motorways increases traffic speed. This confirms to evaluate a new traffic regime in Lucerne around 14. The Office of Federal Roads wants to set up regular stounchracen sections with such tempadroslas.

Helmut Staller

The traffic congestion will be reduced by steering systems. (Picture: Alexandra Wei / Kiston)

The traffic congestion will be reduced by steering systems. (Picture: Alexandra Wei / Kiston)

As paradoxically as you are fools, you will not move faster when you drive faster. In high traffic, high speed, junctions and outbound exits. It's called hand effect. Most of the car runners are closing the chromosome, which forces them to make the following cuts more vulnerable. Thus, the collision collapses and creates a stumbling and traffic guarantee until the delay is delayed and speed up until shortened by refining cuts. This phenomenon is to reduce the speed of rapid traffic.

TempoDriller Act

Traffic contracts can reduce temporal disruptions by the time of the Traffic Agreement is now an assessment of the regulatory system of Ruttihof and Rottisi affair near Lucerne. Traffic jams are always crowded at busy segments in the busy section of many drivers and outdoors. In the spring the Office of Federal Roads (Astra) established rapid hardness and hard drives (GHGW). Traffic jam warnings will slow down the traffic to 120 to 100 hours per hour or 80 km per hour.

In comparison between and afterwards, it shows that actually a liquid is achieved, while the automaker travels the whole as a whole. The number of traffic jams in the entire territory of Motorway have been reduced to 60%. Approximately 25% of the traffic is less significant. Further improvements have been shown on the go. The average travel time from Ruthif to Rothie Seat drops to 23 seconds and 7 seconds for the opposite direction. "It's not quite right, but it's a lot for 3,000 to 4000 vehicles," says Astro Spokesman Thomas Roberb. In addition, accidents involving accidents involving accidents are at a speed of 100 km (100 km / h speed) when the accidents occur at 30 km speed. The results of the Astra that have already been shown in a system similar to A6 between a bern and a dum are confirmed. This is proven by comparison with the temporary reduction, the rapidly decreasing of the traffic, the hustle and decreases in the busy time. These two dimensions of living things now have accurate accounting and experience in Motorway, which is about 400 km away, which is now in use by traffic management systems.

Tempo is not 80 countrywide

Speed ​​conglomerate systems can be relatively quicker without restructuring breakdown strips or extensions. That is why the arrow wants to advance in the adventurous sections. "As far as need is a mechanism," said Roebra. It's not about a chicken, he's stressing. It is not the National Capital Tembens and the National Highway's predecessor. Highways have been built over 120 kilometers, so it does not like that. On the contrary, drivers are allowed to slow down as tunnels in the traffic jambed sections of the big traffic before the traffic jam is visible. "Drive in 80's, and benefit you and others" message.

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