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"Dinner with your family," "Argentine" (L & # 39; Arpeggiata) asks "Who's singing here?", "PCC DD Zio Vito". "A woman" replies to her daughter. "No, the boy," says the son. "If you ask, it's definitely a man," the man says. They are alone: ​​those sitting here are a phenomenon.

Now you are in the hotel lobby against this phenomenon: the 39-year-old Vincenzo capsco, in good mood. In front of him, he has a café or american, "I know oddly for an Italian".

But he did not make him clean – he was happy about it. Anyway, his voice is "not really sorted". "It gives me freedom," he highlights his voice. Unlike the opposite sides, the capezu comes to the highest levels without switching to the falcate. All of this is a vibrant, pure, and always a surprise to you.

Tantras Vine Against Music

A few hours after the conversation again. Capicaut Appears with Elp Arpegiata in Sufic GrassMenster. Clearly, "Pisces de San Vito" should not go missing. A parade number, a singer who developed not only the singer but also its own Corporation.

"Pizzica di San Vito" with L & # 39; Arpeggiata.

Freedoms that combine the buses that combine taskbar, violin, and zinc into temperatures. Vincennzo Capskooto sang a Western American: Finally, dance is a dance, according to southern Italian nostrils, to remove the poison after the verbal tantalulbis.

Above all, the singer is actually a dancer. As a child, he always danced and sang, he says. Though his parents worked in the hospital, the musician came from his family and listened to his skills. At age 10, she was trained in the bus from Salerno to Tatro San Carlo. Because he had sung at the dance, he was called "kantinino" in school.

Pursell's Twves in a Farlong with the El Arpeegiatta.

After his training, he appeared in the English National Ballet of Naples, in Regalia, Emilia, Emilia. She was dancing at William Persie (Alvin Ailey) or Alvin Ayi (choreograpies). Later he studied the lessons and wanted to face specialists. But these are only minor edits. "It was already clear that my own kind was". He calls dance as the most important teacher teacher: "Body, breath – it's from there."

Without tails and markings

He only learned to read the notes, "Score is a very strange thing for me." Still, it is only necessary that he does and does not need it again. Sometimes he tried to sing with his "notes with colleagues" on his posts. But that will not work, and the movement requires freedom of movement: to record a trigger, underline a gesture of text. Sometimes some dancing steps.

"Body, breath – all dance comes."Winklesco cappedo

If you've seen it as a music director, you know his hatred of the classical song. A great Piano, a singer from Tailgott, is a serious gravity: "This is against me." That's why he likes to work with the Experimental colleagues of the El Capitata. That's why in 2011, along with the renowned Claudia Borgia, he also established his own activity: Sokvdro, Italian and CapePuto, along with two quizzes, likewise like Cape Town. "Metere a saquodro" means "messy".

As an event, "imagination"

After that, the soroka worms fell into a lot of trouble. Monterveri connected Monta along with music, dance, video and connected historic instruments and electronics. Friends at Shovert and sang a song including a suxhone or toy piano. Converts the traditional shubut sound to the voice of Keplesso, "We wanted to bring the soul of today's sulbates, enjoy music with friends".

"Ats" by Schubert, along with Sokwadro with Italian.

In this circle, the Sokweedo Italianago, which includes the public, three days of festivals, listeners and musicians explore Italian cities, enjoy concerts, and eat together. There's a lot about Cape Town, about "Music Tourist Package", and he likes to contact him directly.

He is also seen in the Grossmans. In folk music, John Lennon's "Bhavana" sings the character Selinone Sane Sheen (the last remnant of the First World War is part of "Armistice Susse"). Then "Pessica de San Vito" again – wrap this time.

This singer is actually a phenomenon, says a woman on exit. Precisely. (Editors and thermodynamics)

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