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Dr. Rivia's little rock concert, SCS Lions, depression

CSKA Moscow and Dinamia Ria attended the Halen Stad on Wednesday. Picture: KEY

A little doctor shivoga, doctor

Rock concert, SCS Lions

The Great Russian KHL's guest view was very simple
A terrible sight. It's not just about the international big business. What
After the ZSC Lions came out, Indoor stormed the Indoor Stadium
Do you want to create a permanent western showcase of KHL?

The playwright wanted to enjoy the fun
Not only the hockey game, but actually. But soon he will disappear
Folk disease begins and finally finds itself on the international level
The hockey politicy again without churning.

Russia, the eternal, the holy Russia! Quick Travel Images
Back in the movie. The unlimited sky of the taiga. Evergreen forests
Siberia. Loneliness in a day long train.

Violin plays against CSKA Moscow before Dinamo Riga. Picture: Screenshot Twitter / hockeyfans_ch

Show elements are now in every hockey game like giants
Competitive cat. But this is not some kind of potential
NHL inequality

Before the defeat of Denomo Rega in CSKA Moscow
Violinist. A man from Latvia fills his voice
The melody and music of any human being between the game and Blues
Soaprock, with the sound of Halonstein.

It is Russia Love Tolstoy and Fyodor Dostoyevsky.
The sound system is run by a background music and the farther afternoon
Advises. Ivan's grandmother, from the time of Ivan relief
Russia owns. Ilya Ernberg is a Russian poet.

A small doctor, Shimoga, a small rock concert: single
Prior to the first pick-up in the entry fee, this performance
(The Chronicles are independent). Latin (for Dinamoto Riga)
Russian song (for CSKA Moscow) just did not play. A
Obama's singer introduces a Russian-based Latin marker singer.
Oh, great culture about hockey. "This is standard in KHL standards," says
KHL deputy general Gregory Kobylinsky is proud of the justification.

Zurich plays Dinam Riga twice at Halen Station. Done
On the 1st of Monday, CSCA has been invited. Opponents of Esc St Petersburg (1: 3) against Massado.

Riggs General Manager was part of Sigmars Preity
"KHL-Westoffensive" ("KHL World Games Zürich") Two Championship Home Games
Zurich has been moved to the studio. Just a hundred
The Latvian KHL company flew to Zurich. Even
The cylinders are moving their legs and going through the hallstead.

Since 1984, there are no NHL Drafts on what they do:

This is a hockey circuit performance. Circus?
Yes. CSKA Moscow is not required. CSKA Moscow is very good. Again
Resurrection. Once it was a team of red squad
Officer rank.

The fall of the Soviet Union fell after the fall of the Soviet Union
Change the state grants for years. Sometimes, it was there
Finance for the club with the return of silent night clubs. There was good
Marshal Georgi Zhukov will not experience it anymore.

Georgios Lukovann's portrait near a house in Moscow Picture: EPA

Russia's greatest team is now shining again
Amazing shine. What are the companies of the soldiers now?
Mahars and colonies are players and billionaires instead of players.

The ice hockey is precisely the "red resort machine" very fast
Soviet time. What a tech! The defenders were five
The direct six shooting is dominant, as the mark has been working for years

Mark Street in Bern 2017 Picture: EPA / kesso

Spelllebench and snow cover are not advertisements
As "socialized" as socialist, almost pure, truthful and truthful
The Times.

The Speaker of the Hellenstein DDS (he is actually one
Animator, ZSC home game), which makes an undue contribution
His statements went away. He does not have "dear fans", like SCS screening.
He says, "Love the hockey experts."

Yes, we are here at the hockey operator. With an elite person
Audience. In the corners.

KHL leader Reggae is the number 14
The league is too big. 5: 0 says the end. 14th victory
Series. Even 10-0 could have been possible. CSKA dances moscow
Will it be the Harlem Globe Troverters in Ice Hockey?

ZSC Manager Peter Sanger Picture: KEY

But the result is irrelevant. It's here
Much more. KHL is a premium product. High-class hockey and so on
The Helvetican or Scandinavian group is not offered. But less than 5000
Women, men and children have reached scores in this "Cirk de solo"
To see. ZSC Manager Peter Sanger is happy.

These perspectives have ZSC lions
There is nothing to do. Deanomo hired renta halestastani. Praises the sigmars pride
Our hockey relationship, Coalition with Hallenstadion
Zurich, Oxner Hockey Academy and many other companies. Those ones
A master's training of khale stars was conducted with Tuesday students.

Only the SCS layers are praised. Gregory Kobilinski
He offered a number of his juniors cisse manager Peter Zahener
Players must allow players to drive. "We thought
Make fun of kids. After all, our Olympic champions are with us. But
They are not allowed. »

The lady does not believe it. Finally Peter
A great hockey player in Europe. "Yes," said the deputy chief
KHL game mode shows him his kidnapped smartphone
Text communication with the ZSC Manager. of course. Peter writes
Zaheer said, unfortunately, this is not the team's overlapse
You have to ask too fast.

Peter Sanner presided over the Champions Hockey League
We do not want to work on the cross and the KHEL. The
KHL teams do not participate in the Champions Hockey League.

Why is it lighting the person about the former?
Peter Sanger does not like KHL as well.

KHL is more productive than champions
There is no hockey league and Pan-European games. Those ones
I would like to surrender my European market. KHL can become one
Make an excessive competition in the Champions Hockey League. With
The unusual economic strength of the Russian oligarchs behind. She promises one
Flights from Riga to Beijing – Compare Airfares – Wego Vietnam

All ice hockey world champions:

Gregory Cobilienski does not disclose cards. That's right
The Russians never. But he confirms the interest in the Western European market. And
Why not? There is not a KHL team here. The
Then go for a lot of money. But each year is not a few years
Guest week's performance?

In 2022, it was the CS Lions Hallstation
Leave forever and move on to your own, new one. But,
Ice processing plant of Halen Study will not be expanded. Ice hockey can
Submit to the public for the valuable

Why not "ice Disney" or "Eyes on Art"?
KHL Games as an integral part of winter program? Through good marketing
The number of current viewers (4178 on Monday, 4698) should be calculated
Mercury) at least twice.

Of course, CSC layers do not have such markets
Interest. Gregory Cobilienski says it's impossible
Last Sunday the game was played publicly by ZSC Lions v Davos
To run KHL games. "We've tried it in vain." Sigmarz
Fried says she knows they do not welcome Lions.

All Swiss members included in the NHLLLI are:

One onlooker asked Peter Sahnor why he does not have 5000
Buy tickets for a seat ticket holders for a Christmas. The
Customer loyalty is just a real prize. He is
You can not pay for such stupidity
The questioned person asks to ask if the employer asks for it
After two-thirds of his interest, he will leave
The way home. He wanted to see more television channels for the Champions League.
He is not the captain of the Champions Hockey League. But
Football in the Champions League.

To beat Zurich for KRL Jurich Halenstadien
"Western Display" for KHL? Prior is aware of the sigmas
Helvetic Hockey is the market specific. He knows that fans have one
A team needs emotional attachment to the players.

He offers world class hockey and memorable show.
But these feelings are not. He shifted his eyes out of the box
The answer to the question next year is not a half-filled area and no answers
To come back with a sense of a sphinx: "Well, that's it
Deciding on the market … »

A part of Russia at Halen Studen every year
World violin hockey playing violin. Oh, how well do hockey work? Peter
There is no worries, some tickets must be ordered. His ZSC Lions
That is why the hair will come from your hair.

New Niels-Foreigners 2018/19:

Ice Hockey Foreign News – NHL Stories:

So the NLA teams seem to be silly:

Video: Watson

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