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The new chief of Google's cloud business

MOUNTAIN VIEW – Google's cloud business has a change. Former head Dine Green is withdrawn, and the next year Oracle manager Thomas Kurian is taking the lead. In September, he left the software company. According to Bloomberg, in his earlier information on financial services, he had differences Larry Ellison About strategy. Kurien wanted to run more orchid software in cloud services on clouds like Amazon and Microsoft. Elison was in the in-house infrastructure.

ROUNDUP: Rhn-Klinikum wants to take over the complete ion beam Timothy center

MARBREG IRON BEIM NEW THEME: If everything goes smoothly, RHN-ClincikUM will acquire the Marbleburg Ion Radiation Therapy Center GmbH as a natural shareholder next year.

The trial of Mercedes Benz will begin by January

The Stuttgart Higher Regional Court has demanded that Mercedes-Benz be liable to pay the car loan contract by January. On January 25, the sixth senate led by Averier Mofhof had already set a first date. The bank has also filed a case against the bank consumer protection department which is inadequate in the withdrawal act.

Thyssenkrupp: The cost of a previous boost for carrot inquiries

The former CEO Heinrich Hesinger will have to pay the pre-trial preliminary inquiry into trade agreements on steel prices. "These are the topics that go before Heinrich Hierson, and have nothing to do with them." Disseldorf "Reene's Post" (Saturday). "However, unlike the conditions, the Heinrich Husinger imposes an influence on repression payments." The ThyssenKrupp Bose, who landed in the summer, paid a full account of the group risk when it took into account his pay salaries.

Interpol is again looking for Bose Harnadi at Hargana's mole

Zolt Hernard, Director General of the Hungarian Mineral Oil Company MOL, searches for corruption charges from Croatia. After the Honorable Delegation of Representatives of Hungary and Croatia, the Executive Committee of the International Police Commision has decided to restore the International Arbitration War renewal in 2016 beyond the scope of the annual general meeting in Dubai. The Croatian Ministry announced on Saturday evening Zagreb.

VW has criticized Bose politics and said, "The real agenda car is & # 39;

WOLFSBURG – VW (Volkswagen (VW) vz) -Shef Herbert Dieses has asked for a more positive attitude toward the car industry. "Unfortunately, now we can not have a positive vision for that car in the German Party landscapes," said Dils Built-an-Sonndag. There is no "real agenda" in Germany. In addition, there lived a long time with diesel peaks. "We understand that from survey and surveys, the survey is only thinking from survey and election, so we can not expand business space," Dais said.

Failure in the right track Versander Weltbild automatically sees you

AUGSBURG – Four years after the bankruptcy, Versonhandler Weltbild finds himself on the right path. "We closed the bridge as a gift," said CEO Christian Silor, "the Observer Allmanain" (Saturday). "The runway has passed, it's up, we're down." However, the sailor has rumored that the lower level still covers jobs and closing the branches.

Mirror & # 39;: Investment requires more billions

Berlin – "Dear Spiegel" According to a report, Duchess Bahun hopes for higher investment budgets from the federal government. Between 2020 and 2025, the board is expected to have € 7 billion a year. Supervisory Board Meeting next week.

Many Possibilities: Behind the Long Distance Transport Board

The delay in the Berlin-Deutsche Bahn has personal impacts. In future, the DP is responsible for receiving the ICE when the tracking is quickly tracked. Filipine Nagl is responsible for the construction of Fernárcarcourt. Care Brigman Kaiug Brigheman was appointed as a former head. He dismissed his board and dismissed the company. A railway spokesman said in Berlin. Previously, "Build Am Sonag" reported about it.

Air Ball Droplet: Begg 2020 Started Mengal

SCHNEFELD – Future Capital Airport Bureau remains to be maintained, but the details of the schedules will continue. Airport chairman Englebert Lt Daldrup said the possibility of commissioning in October 2020 was not in danger. He also vindicated his commitment to the test requirements in Brandenburg. However, according to the building code, we will be able to remedy security-appropriate defects and eliminate any further defects. Kremlin Schneider, Infrastructure Minister in Brandenburg spoke Friday.


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