Friday , September 30 2022

Dismisses report on removal of credit switch job | Business Finance


(AWP) Credit Suisse (Hughes 12435 -1,47%) Hundreds of job opportunities have been rejected by the media report. Bloomberg news agency had earlier said it would take into consideration efforts to curb rising cost.

The bank will be able to bid for 2019 and help to achieve the expenditure target. Swiss Universal and Swiss Universal Bank. The total cost between CHF 16.5 billion and CHF 17 billion will be targeted by 2019 and 2020.

The claim that the credit suite is being investigated on the active reduction of hundreds of workers is baseless. "CW spokesperson AWP said," Investment will continue in 2019 and the highest professional employees will continue to increase its wealth management and investment banking revenue.

The end of this year is due to be rehabilitated by CEO Tidyin Tim, who has been head of the company since 2016. An investor's day will take place in December. There will be anticipated from the year in which the bigger bank will reproduce further details.

The bank guarantees that expenditure will be achieved in 2018. 17 billion deficit CHF, third quarter profits, and quarterly results submitted at the end of the month. It was not just a stronger quarter than the previous year, more than the previous year.

Management should now convince investors how they intend to increase revenue in the future. In Invasion Day, weaker participation should be a problem.

CS Sheare is the lowest in the trade. From the beginning of the year, it is 28% red.

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