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The DJ presents an ultimate track audience, "it is now or never", he says. It is also valid for this or even now that the Suns of Keti in the Nicky Band, which is later Le Gruz in the largest hall in the concert festival? The Dutch are the only ones that have a wonderful program of attracting thousands of people across Europe. Because there is so much music and expertise to listen to. But the band that entered the stage stage is not just joking, but very quiet. With a reverent and vibrant chloride style. Before switching to the chakaka hatchains Saxophon chlorine, the tune crossed the bus bass, the color of the drummer – the regular two, the four rolling in the evening.

This is a dance class that wishes to play Suns in Kanyam. This was accompanied by the sounds and tones of the Caribbean Street Carnaval and the cosmopolitan sounds. The Shabaka Hutchings Band Round and has been part of the Festival program. Saxon lines are sprung up in front of a higher energy source, which leads the drummers, and the black bottom is the undergarment of his muscles. He takes the play, theater, the tempo and the measurements, sometimes going out and runs again. Until all of us dance.

The descendants of abducted slaves

Shabaka Hutchings is a hotel lobby of the wide jacket with Dutch glasses and caps hat and eyebrow caps of Dutch university town. Now he demands. Crescent's third film, Sons, is titled "Your Queen a Darklight". On the various tracks of the Queen, she opposed the liberation women from the Aradradidasian communities. One of the most enthusiastic musicians in today's age of 34. We look forward to seeing the future generation of the new generation. Shabaak Hutchings aims to get into serious questions about the departure of music. As they say again and again – wrap, soul, and music Jazz. The Sunset, George Clinton and the University found the Afto Futures Area in the 60s and 70s. To display: Foreigners, we are the descendants of the abducted slaves. We're in your middle.

When talking about his "ancestors," his ancestors did not emphasize the alien nature of Shabaka Hutchings and ask open questions. "What am I used to define my origin?" Hitchings says: "With a deep and gracious voice. "Is this my cousin or you are associated with ideas in society?" Was born in Barbados after birth in England. "Everyone knows we have come to know that we come from Africa," says Hutchings, who moved to London, about 16 years old. Because he does not have papers that prove one thing, his family could have been able to become the grandmother for three generations. He mobilized the Queen's "My Queen Is Is Eastman" new track.

Shabaka Hutchings interested in personal friendship, autobiography and mythology. This album means "Observer" in his album, which he recorded with South African musicians and almost like a classic jazz production. The second band, The Comet Isi Cumming, is far stronger than the few Rock Band bands in the final concert of Utrecht festival.

This year's mercury prize was "My Queen Is Harriet Tubman", in the Kremlin. Video: YouTube / BBC Music

Shabaak Hutchings strongly emphasizes "I do not like the music around the middle class, it's time to raise my voice." The music sounded very loud. Now, after learning about classical and naked movements in London, he was discontinued. But silence can be intense. Perhaps the voice is gone and we become calm. "

Conversing with Shabaka Hutchings, he upholds them in the way through the hotel's guests. In that room a four-letter word is related to Jazz. "Your queen is a reptile tree" inspired! John Coltran, Charles Minanges and Farora Saunders were recorded.

"Art director"

Despite this traditional gallery: the hustings do not want to celebrate the jazz label, even though it was not denied. "But the general terms are a lazy attitude," says Sabaka Hutchings. "The language should be something that needs to be changed." Anyone who still wants to be a word as a joke must think what it means today. Those hundred years ago those ideas should not be tested. "While jazz merely limits us as a musician, we have to remove that word, but if it defines something that is impossible, it is magnificent, and that's great." The problem is that many have historically revealed Jazz clearly. Even in America, JASS did not invent: "You say that in 1920s the jaz started and that ended here, but not how it works.»

How a musician works or works today is Shabaka Hutchings performing his career as a "workpiece". He played in everywhere: free-jazz producers, classical orchestras, musicians, electronic producers and progressive progress in London.

"When you make music, it's always meeting and communicating."Shabaka hutchings

As you learned from Calypso musicians in Barbados, music and the local people do not like to dance. Until he becomes an artist in the last five years, who can now grasp his visions and sometimes become weaker. "When making music, always meet, communicates," says Shabaka Hutchings.

What he is experiencing in his concert, especially when he works with the children of Kemens, is about an emerging society in dancing society. No "now or never" command.

Kemi's sons: "Your Quince Is Rapall" (Implaus / Universal). Concerts: Kettle, 16 November, Palace, St. Gallen; Shabaka Hutchings Solo, November 30, Festive Fes World, Roth Fabric, Zürich. (Editors and thermodynamics)

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