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Diabetic Diseases: Endemic tolerance

Diabetes often suffer from the burden of disease

More than 7 million people in Germany are diabetic. For many infected people, such a burden is a strict adjuration of their standard of living. So these patients are at a special risk of depression. Therefore, patients need medical help.

Excellent attention is required

About 7.6 million Germans are diabetic. Although a large number of diabetic patients can better control them, many people need medication, insulin insulin, or measure blood sugar levels or give attention to their diet. It is often seen as a burden that limits the quality of life, since it is a lifelong focus that requires a chronic illness from the infected. Diabetics are therefore prone to depression. Therefore, patients are advised to seek medical attention.

Many diabetics have to take their entire armor of the drug and have insulin injections, measure blood sugar levels and pay attention to their diet. Because of the constant attention of the disease, those who have a big weight are often suffering. (Picture: Printemps /

Diabetes is double in diabetes

In the dark, depressed autumn days, many people are smitten in mind. However, people with long-term illnesses like diabetes can be depressed due to depression.

These symptoms are only a few days in the days of grief, depression and helplessness, even weeks or even months.

About 12 percent of people with diabetes experience clinical depression. This is a non-profit diabetes drug called the German Diabetes Aid.

About 18 per cent were mentally distressed.

"In diabetics, depression and diabetes are twice as common in metabolic health," says Psychologist Dr. Says Med. Fi r. Morganhine at the Bardol Mair Bad Morganhyme from the Diabetes Center.

"Diabetes is a daily effort to keep their lifetimes healthy enough to ensure good metabolism, and in the long-run this pressure is very stressful," says the expert.

In other parts of life, it affects how much sickness is experienced in the physical environment.

As a result, depression develops.

Get medical advice

According to a psychologist, depression is evident in many ways.

"In addition to deep depression, courage, and harmless patients, often they have anxiety, sleep depravity, and physical pain."

It is important that depression and depression can be detected and treated early.

Myrr stressed when it was easier to treat mental illnesses: "Andy pickups, beheic therapy, or both."

Patients can help improve the illness and improve the patient's standard of living and improve the diabetes motivation.

But this topic does not apply to many. Mayors advise patients with diabetes, not to prevent the symptoms of depression, but talk to their family doctor or diabetologist. (Advertising)

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