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Death of Yves Yersin: The Everlasting Life of the Swiss Film


Yves Yarsin, a French filmmaker, has long since died at the age of 76. One of today's most successful Swiss films, "Les petites fugues", he conquered the audience.

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2013 at Locacional Film Festival

Wives Yarsin (director of Talaooo Nayyar) in 2013 from Locoso Film Festival (from 1942 to 2018) (Picture: Keychaste / Urs Flüger)

He is the world's most famous man in the film Lets Petit Fugus, a servant of a retired farmer who likes to raise his world from the sky along with his motorbike. Michel Robin, a 47-year-old boy in 1977, became one of the most successful Swiss feature films ever. Approximately 100,000 visitors reached the heart of the movie in the movie. It was nominated for Oscar.

But its origin was a difficult birth. And the vast majority of the budgets together. He made his film debut in 1979 alone. The only image of this image is Yves Yersin who has completed training in Vevey on a photographer and cameraman in the 1960s.

He wants to represent the reality like that

In 1973, before producing the first feature film "The Land Home Possessor", "Le Panoré Vande", "Les Clauses de Vás" (Relations with Jacqueline Vojo), Multi filtered documentary on the last home band weaver at Basel-London's Canon The picture, at the time, was the only social and economics of a region Psychological analysis of the condition.

These agencies produced a feature film for Yves Yersin's death in their message. Perhaps Wives Yersin may have liked this fraud. As director of documentary films, he has always been able to create sketchy, structural and transparent realities. But as a filmmaker, Utopia, in reality, wants to portray it as well. Moreover, he can do it only in feature films. That's because "pet petites fugues".

After the film was over, Yves Yarsin became more dependent on French-speaking television. In 1985, Davey established the film department at Lausanne in Iccle (Icoch Kantendla de Art de Lausanne). One of his most famous students is Jean-Stephen Braun ("L Xperianus Colchar", "Cleveland Wurst Wall Street"). About his former teacher, he says:

"I have studied everything from him, there are not big or small projects, the quality of the view is very important, and each attitude has its own mental character.

These principles, along with utopia of utopia, and Yves Yersin's final picture, only after "Les petite fugues": "tableau noir". In 2013, it was celebrated at the Locarno Film Festival, which was celebrated as a winner among documentary filmmakers from 2005 and 2008, in a village in Jura, New York.

The interrogator seized a microphone in a Locarno

Yarsen Cameron Patrick Treesh and his brother Lucy have long been a long time between shooting and completion. Now, "Talaow Noir" became a tradition of Yars. Analogue Era in this order, solidarity and beauty of beauty and help, can be understood by the people's amazing response as Lokokorno 2013 did.

"An announcement is only a paperboy, festivals and jury should stop misrepresenting us," he said, without asking the microphone at the last evening of Piazza Grand. The annoyance broke out, and 71-year-old Yves Ers was sentenced to death by the translator.

On November 15, he passed away at the age of 76, long time in his long illness, Bowls VD. Something like Yves Yersin will miss us.

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