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Dead girl from Staad – «this is rude speculation»: parental guard has no proof of the negative lifestyle of parents

It is difficult to approach the court with conspiracy and prosecutor's conscious conscience. On the second day of the trial, they were acquitted. The body of the victim's body was killed in the body.

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A house that was found in the summer of 2015 was found on the stad's house. (Stock image: keystone)

A house that was found in the summer of 2015 was found on the stad's house. (Stock image: keystone)

Prisoner's defendant and father's guard agreed on Wednesday: St Gallon prosecutor wants to work. Both criticize the investigation. When questioning 20 witnesses, the criminals were noticed – to the bedroom. But these did not lead to a clear picture. "The accused is based on the culprit," the father's guardian says.

His Central Complaint: No reason for the death of the child was not specified. Maybe it can not be said clearly. So, the mother's guardian says that if death does not happen, it can be questioned. "There is no clear picture that can lead to an accusation." And: "We have no information about the culprits." In the summer of 2015, a two-year-old daughter was found at her parents' home in Stad.

The mother did not tell her daughter's death

Both ask for dislike for parents. They also seek satisfaction in the 46-day Pre-Peace Prison. The father must pay 9200 francs and pay 5000 francs along with his mother. If the defense lawyer has a "side event" in the public prosecutor's office: precaution has been wrongly blamed by his client. For that purpose, she must give 10 francs francs for 50 days. The accused has not been in the job now. She wants to work in nursing, said Tuesday. So she met Aberdeen in Haburg and completed a long distance learning course.

The prosecution denied the allegations that their daughter's daughter was treated badly. Her life was about severe drugs. Not for the child. When asked about the use of cocaine, both of them were being questioned in court. It does not take the risk of purchasing drugs, says the father's guardian. Hence, we need to be "careful" to enjoy the number of prosecution.

"It is only proof that he withdrew money from withdrawal, but not for drugs."

Some people in the house always liked the money that was at home. On Tuesday, the father justified the withdrawal of ordinary money. The mother's defense department also describes "unequivocal evidence": "The allegations against parents who do not care for their daughter who are drug addicts are not right." This is the accusation; There is no proof. Amma used frequent drugs but was not stable. She has lived a well-ordered life.

Contrary to the statements of the Witnesses, there is no basis for them. "Mother's indirect daily routine is no reliable evidence," said the defense lawyer.

According to the defense lawyer, the father tried to take care of the child as easily as possible. He relied on his spouse in some educational subjects – "True, she has already raised three children". The eldest son – she was giving birth to her teens – she lived in Germany; Two other children are third. His client was not ready to interact with his children – "He was only 50 years old and had to rely on his mother."

The father's character was not a "real danger" for the child. The allegation that a 23-month-old baby was thirsty, hungry or dead, "prosecutor's imagination" rose. The evidence is very thin. Prosecutor's Address:

"If you do not know the child's death, you do not know how to block your father."

The defense lawyer says the father does not know about his daughter's death until he was arrested. The girl had met the girl on July 25 last year. Afterwards, his partner said that the baby and senior women's protection authority (Kisb) had brought the daughter. She said she was safe with her friends abroad. He repeatedly asked for a sign of his daughter. "I got a picture of a good house to be our child." When she wrapped the people around her fingers, she said on the first day of the trial.

Mother's guardian says that the death of the prosecutor's office is wrong. On July 3, the child "died dead." It would have been dead by the end of July. Though she could not remember her precision, she saw her daughter lying on the bed.

"But the time that the prosecutor's office told me was wrong – death and the nature of the death are not clear." She did not neglect her attention and educational responsibilities. "The death of her daughter will not come on her." When she saw the baby more and more, the defense attorney said, "A baby and a baby," they ate well.

«This was a Shorthand Activation»

The body moves in a suitcase and hides the way through the cellar. "This was a Shorthand Act," a defense spokeswoman explains. "The daughter removed her with her and wanted to put her body with her." Mother responded to her daughter's death "unjustifiably and inappropriate". Since then, she has developed a "grief of sorrow". She grieved for her daughter.

The Nalcotics Act was sentenced to 10.5 years imprisonment and sentenced to eight years in prison and accused the mother of committing crimes against murder, welfare and educational rights. This process will continue on Thursday.

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