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CHRISTMAS: STANDARD – That's how much the premium people pay


For the poor families, the cost of health insurance premiums has increased greatly. For example, a family with two children and 70,000 francs. Although the premium subsidies are received in every kanto in the state, the weight is still amazing. In 2017, health insurance in Suri spent 17 percent of the cost of health insurance.

Ten years ago, that was 10 percent. In the mood of Bernie, the family closes more and more. Their weight grew from 12 to 19 percent. As a hint: 20 years ago, when the health insurance law came into effect, the Federal Council assumed that the lower middle class liability should not exceed 8 percent of the income tax payable. It's far away. In 2017, only Zag (7 percent) achieved this goal, almost all of the Gubbunden (9).

All of these come from the federal government, which regularly examines the effect of premium subsidies. He has defined economically weaker many model families. But social assistance has not been received. These families are expected to pay a local average premium. The figures in 2017 are from the most recent and unpublished studies, the results are CNN. Media-Sedu has been published in advance. In total, all the economically weak households have increased from 9 to 14 percent in 2007.

Caritas seems to be alert

Now, Caritas has presented the analysis of this development. Concerns about the experience of their own counseling centers, the relief organization warns that premium poverty will worsen. Caritas faces a double problem: First, the budget component for premium subsidies is much less than the premium limit. Secondly, the growing role of money goes to supplementary supplementary benefits (LL) or home receiving social assistance – already "poor".

In addition, there is a low cost for poverty reduction, and the real goal of low price. According to Caritas analysis, spending too declined in spending: in 2011 (lower middle class), 17 spices were spent on low premium premiums in 2011 (including Burns and Zurich).

Senior citizens can be explained to be able to increase the number of major contributors to EL recipients. Caritas promises to ensure that a family has to spend more than a month's wages in premium. This will increase in the budget for premium subsidies.

Move with consequences?

Caritas wants to eat their demand in parliament. She sees the open ears with the SPP, which plans to start a mass initiative at the start of 2019, to limit the weight of the premium to 10 percent. However, there is doubt among the common people, which is why the continents are coming under increasing pressure in the future.

The National Council approved by the end of 2017 will have an intense impact. He wants the financing of premium subsidies reviewed, and the difference is to return to the previous system. Until 2008, the federal government only made a complete contribution to the canon donation.

The initiative is initiated by CVP national councilor Ruth Humbell. They feel that the federal government should electrify the subtleties to collaborate more effectively: "Unfortunately, many cantons have evidently used new freedom to overturn their responsibility and that will not work."

Their contribution will increase as parallel to premium. "This is due to the fact that," "Candies offer a huge influence on the size of premiums, especially for hospital policy." However, according to family and revenue, providing detailed restrictions on the premium weight will go up to Caritas. As far as Humbug is concerned, it will involve a great deal of dealings with the Canonell Family and social policies.

Kantel self criticism

The situation is different in the outlook of the cantoes: in recent years, some of the cantonment governments are forced to hand over a stiff package to keep their finances. Like the federal government, the roof of the short-term budget does not allow for a short period of time – in other words, they will have to save money on the ground wherever they are. First in the premium reduction areas, the first, rapid cuts, and secondly, there is a lot of money.

"If some cantons are protected in premium subsidies, they do not mean it's too high, but they use their western ways," Michael Jordan, the Central Secretary of Contone Health Directors, stresses.

But Jody agrees with this problem: "We are concerned about recent developments, we do not deny it." Economically weaker families have become the worst. However, Jardine affirms that this problem can be solved and can solve this problem. Federal regulations refuse you.

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