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Champions League Hockey League: First Not Out Round Leg


Earlier, the Bronze of the Champions' Hockey League was first defeated. Picture: KEY

In the second and second half, SCB-Munich failed to win in the SSM Malmö – Munich

In the second round of the final, he threatened SC Berne in the Champions Hockey League. Kari Jolon's team lost 1: 4 in the first leg in Malmö.

Thus, within two weeks in the SCB home game, there was a difference of four goals for an improvement. Bernice was ranked fourth in the Swedish Championship, the first native of the third half. Mathews is in the draw with a 1-1 draw.

SCB could not respond to the first opening goal against South Sweden just before the second break. In the last three finals, he scored two goals in the second half.

Bieber requires 1: 1 compensation.

ZSC missed a good starting position

The second goal in the final is Oulu Lions 4: 4. Käppät gambling at Halen Studen from a good start to personal mistakes.

Worse, ZSC could not start this game. Maxim Nooru fails in his own field as the first operation. Alexi Hepolini thanked the Finnish Champion Leader for the lead. Since then the Surinamese people did not win the game. Kevin Klein and a great personal performance at Rayel Press.

In the final phase, Orri's leak is worse again: First, Phills will play two Powerplays games in their game. But Fredrik Paterson will finally save Cisco for a second time.

Compensation for ZSC

Lugano attracts

Lugano is seen with the Swedish top team from Gothenburg. Players, however, are excellent. However, Tisino interacts with the drama and keeps the game balanced. But Tisneyi takes some of the luck. In the third wicket, Fifteenth and Latte helped draw the balance.

Compensation for Highly Lugano

The last moment is celebrating the sug

AVM celebrates the last minute of the year in Munich. Dominic Schlump (10) and Lino Martsyzini (29) set a good start but got a 2-0 lead, but Central Swiss still shakes. Shugg and Mitchell should compensate for the DEL representative of the Mid-Division. For a long time it looks like a draw. But before Siren, Martha's fire broke through Siren's second goal.


Munich – zug 2: 3 (0: 1, 2: 1, 0: 1)
2290 viewers. – SR nicolic / stroke (AUT), hitoobbol / hofer (GER).
Goals: 10. Smurf (Simone) 0: 1. 29. Marchnini (Suri) 0: 2. 30 Shog (Auli) 1: 2. Mitchell 2: 2. 58. Marthaini (Suri, Albrecht) 2: 3.
For penalties: 8 times 2 plus 10 minutes (Auli) in Munich, 2 minutes and two minutes.
Munich: From the jars; Aally, Boyle; Joshlyn, Seidenburg; Absoulware, Bodnark; Button; Sword, woks, concerver; Mitchell, Stagen, and the Mineshen; Andrzej Alder, Dublin, Shogg; Lobak, Tobias Eder, Quos.
Train: Stephen; Searching, alot; Smurf, Zagregan, Diaz, Stadler; Martscheni, Seher, Zurich; Lamer, Albrecht, Widerström; Klingberg, Centler, Simone; Haberstich, Leuenberger, Schnyder Comments: Train without train nois Munich, McIntyre, Row, Seed, and Morat (train).

CS Lions – Kerafat Ollu 4: 4 (2: 2, 1: 0, 1: 2)
3510 viewers. – SR Lind / Nord (SWE), Castley, Alman.
Goals: (0:44) Hepton 0: 1. 9. Smaller 1: 1. 16. Prassl (Bachofner, Noreau) 2: 1. 19. Lassu (Lindstst, Othamma / Dismissal Humalogo!) 2: 2. 34. Pietersen (Sun) 3: 2. 52. Lusu (circled sea) 3: 3. 59. (58:53) Huskah (kiwahlame, leiskinen / exclusive cure) 3: 4. 60. (59:59) Petersen (Suter, Noouou ) 4.4.
For penalties: Against the ZSC lions 6 times 2 minutes, Käppät Oulu 3 minutes 2 minutes.
ZSC lions: Regina's; Clean, fil baltisberger; Noorow, Marti; Blindenbaker, Karel; Supermarket; Holenstein, Shore, Bodenman; Pietersen, Suter, Servecaka; Bachchaner, Pressil, Chris Baltisberger; Duke, Shapipi, Bakman; The back of the screen.
Corrupted Oulu: Go to hello; Heshkah, Sender; Thou, Hakkapuze, kivihal; Neemila, cucoson; Mokkela; Cobblecycle, Lazu, Lesnine; Hepothu, Kupari, Anti Til; Christoph, membrane icons Irene, Caravane, Hamaloa, Sigio; Limestone.
Comment by: ZSC lions, nilison, wick (injured) without gasing. – Ltanusshan Huskha (39), Leskinin (39). The time has passed Käppät Oulu (58:30).

Lugano – Frolande Indies 1: 1 (0: 0, 1: 1, 0: 0)
3846 viewers. – SR Phoenicians / Heckin (FIN), Gnome / Fox.
Goals: 26. Patrick Westtermont (Ponting Westerhol, Dismiss Hofmann, Ebbom) 0: 1. 39. Halaappa (Sunts, Hoffman) 1: 1.
For penalties: 4 times 2 minutes each
Lugano: Mercilights; Umar, Welinger; Riva, Woe Clair; Chisas, Cornelius; Jeker, Rooney; Walker, Vedova, Jorge; Hapala, Sunz, Hofmann; Burglar, Morini, and Claison; Fasini, Romenango, Bertaggia.
Frostand Indians: Matthew Jean Way, Lindstrom; Westerland, Cégelate; And Muvarah, and Abbom. Gunnershan; Rakshani, Lindwast, Lashik; Halmalson, Carlsen, Stalberger; Soderlund, Fillberg, Rosselli-Olsen; Fagamo, Patrick Westerhohh, Ponthus Westerholm; Fjalbsthrough.
Comment by: London, Lufier, Sartori (for all), Lajunan (illness), Froonda Mortons, Norozbo (both are injured) and Indians. – Post Shots Sunnyz (34); Carlsen (49.).

Malmö Redhox – Barn 4: 1 (0: 0, 2: 1, 4: 1)
2543 viewers. – SR Courtyard / Shukies (GEER), Landgrain / Niquist (SEC).
Goals: 1: 0. 36. Beyber (Arcobello, Moser) 1: 1. 36. Setov (Vemmen's birth) 2: 1. 55. Emil Silvagard (Brighman, Lerbe) 3: 1. 59. Mallari 4: 1.
For penalties: In a 5-minute fight over Malmö 6 minutes 2 minutes barn.
Malmo: Walden; Larby, Olson; Torp and miliary; Setov, Brighman, Ericsson; Marcus Silvargard, Generals, Heta; Emil Silvaggard, born Vommen, Moline; Olofsson, Forsberg, Gorts; Storm, Commerce, Hard.
Burn: Gneni; Burn, Almquist; Crag, bloop; Anderson, Beat Gerber; Comercial; Biblus, Archibelo, Simon Moser; Rufnach, Ebte, Sherway; Mursak, Hass, war; Berger, Hem, Grassy; Spinach.
Comment by: Besides Ber, Marty and Anderson (two others were injured). (Abu / sda)

All the winners in the Champions Hockey League

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