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Beatris Eglie, pop star, is divorced

Separate singer Beatie Egly (30) Parents married divorced in the spring.

Bitriti's igli (30) is a hit and repeats again and again. In the world of the hit song, it's not always about "pure jovi" but it personally applies to Egli. This mafia, a pets separated from Pfifikon SS, was separated. According to "Gluaps Post", Aguila was secretly separated for ten years.

"That's right, I'm quite disappointed," says Ida Igli (54). She's going to appear, tears of tears. "I know the truth, my husband, Bruno, lived three months ago at Pfifikon, and we shared not only the house but also the knit!"

Lived for years

It is true that the father of Bryce Egli does not work for ten years in family business. "He has a canten, selling spices." The happiness of the family is not separated. "You can see it here for everyone, you're separating over the years and we are still Beatrice's parents and our two sons, and we are the same as before."

Pop singer Beatrice Amma is proud of her reputation with popularity pastor. There is no voice in them and no accusations against each other: "We have been totally divorced more than a divorce 33 years later, although we have a normal nature, which says everything."

Even holidays can be spent together. "On my birthday, we all went out three days ago with my husband, Bruno." Ida Egli says. Beatrice, the famous daughter of a famous day in Portugal for celebrating mothers.

Heal the family

His mother strongly denies the "luck of the posterity" that the public has cheated on people in a better family world without going into the sky to the sky. In 2013, Battery's star began to shine.

Dieter Bolen (64), the "Dutch desk asset ton superstar", anonymous Talent from the outskirts of Buissor, won 70.25 percent of the vote. Since then, the beam ladies with a beauty burden are not only in Switzerland but also in Germany, one of the most popular hit stars. Megastar Helene easily connects with big people like Fisher (34).

Popeye with family love

That's why Agly never took away, so close to such audiences and their authenticity is very close. It's not a branded product, but it's always left. This is the best best seller in the lap of your family. When she did not tour, her mother and her younger brother Marcel (28) moved home near a house. For lunch, they were at home with a cloth-lady merchant. There she stood alone for him.

Beatrice Egli wants to look for her own apartment for almost a year, "she sees the star" after the cue from the holiday in Australia. One important thing for her in the future home is: "It must be close to the family." On the Lake Zurich, "I need water."

The family celebrates together

Parental division is in good standing with them. Eglise does not abandon it: "Christmas will stay together and stay with the family," Beatles Egly says. "Whether you marry or not."

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