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Bayern Munich: Karl-Haynes Rumenagegi forgets to acquire Nico Cawk's speech

May 26, 2019, 11:19 pm

Team, Doctors, Supervisors – All DBBs After the success of the Cup, Carl Haynes has received a speech of Rummaging. Be patient about the Bearer's performing performance.

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CEO Carl Haynes Rumaniegega delivered a distinguished speech with the DFB Cup win in Bayern Munich, Berlin. The club's chief sponsor, Telkom, ended up with the title win of RP Leipsesin (3: 0).

"I may have participated in the team today, everyone involved in it, contributed to it, our doctor, Dr. Schmidto, or somebody who donated, thank you, congratulations," said Rumenigei just before one o'clock. The team doctors Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wolfford ("Mullah") and Roland Schmidt have been referred to a differently differently from Kawank.

Karl-Haynes Rumaygi: "You're Stuck on the Nick,"

However, Rumania has been appointed two times. He is the first player in the history of German football (2003), the double conqueror coach.

Remembering last year's final failure against Ernst Frankfurt, we recall the last failure to train Coach: "When we arrived we lost a few games, we had a little bit weakness last year, dear Nico, we certainly did not forget."

Nico Cowc does not only double with Bayern, but history. He can go safely in the second season as a coach in Munich. His future talks ended.

Finally, Romney came back and said, "Niko was heading for a better party than last year." No doubt, you will meet Priyne Munich and Doubles.

Previously, in the Rummenigge ARD, Bayern had never "questioned" the COK deal until 2021. At his banquet, Romanye talked about a season. Bayern Munich's own film will always disappear, as it can be the most joy in it.

Beer is a priority in Munich. The slogan "Mia Saan Miyah" is not a marketing slogan, especially for decades, manager under Ulyan Honsus. A look at the prominent Burmese family.

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