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The world's largest online retailer, Amazon, was found looking for more headcorders in America. Elections were held on Long Island City in Queens County, New York and in Arlington, Virginia, US state of Virginia.

"We want to build our new headquarters in New York City and North Virginia," said Chief Executive Jeff Bezos. In addition, Amazon announced the largest logistics center at Nashville, which creates 5,000 jobs.
Amazon's location search failed. Despite offering many jobs and higher investments, there is a lot of inspiration for tax returns.

Subsidy billions

Amazon is looking forward to investing $ 2.5 billion in new locations and creating 25,000 jobs. New York also has a $ 1.5 billion subsidy in New York. The group is estimated to be $ 573 million in tax collections, especially in Arlington.

The official headquarters of the new headquarters is for more than a year. For a year in the main project, many of the cities and states in North America have asked for some strange requests about the success of Amazon Bose Bezos. But there are criticisms because two candidates have signed the agreement.

In September 2017, Amazon announced that it was closer to the first headquarters of Seattle, another headquartered in Washington, USA. Last week, it was a miracle: the American media reported that it was contrary to the original announcement of two additional panels. Work and office space will be shared.

Apart from all the above issues for finding a sufficiently qualified technical person. There is anxiety about the planned development of a large number of workers and a single space and infrastructure.

Large app campaigns

Amazon search has been effectively used effectively. The US company, which employed approximately 613 & # 39; 300 employees, won 238 applications. Jeff Bezos from Arizona, Tucson, Arizona received a big catch. In the "Amazon Orange", the New York Empire State Build was to be renamed "Crane" in the suburb of Atlanta, and wanted to rename it as "Amazon City".

In January, Bezos team presented 20 top promises from New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and Toronto. Ultimately, the long-standing Isle of City of Arlington and Arlington would be leaked to the American media a few days ago.

It is considered to be the appeal of the Artist Corporation because it has a close connection with the Washington DC headquarters of the US government when it comes to many technicians at the East Coast Metropolis, New York District. Bezos is the owner of the traditional "Washington Post". In the newspaper's report, repeated US President Donald Trump opposed to Amazon.

Promises are not always fulfilled

If politicians want to participate in position choices like job hunters, experts find more suspicious practice. In most cases, promises and jobs are tax payers, and the promises do not always follow.

Reservation has been about the urban changes that are often accompanied by the arrival of big corporations. For example, higher-paid tech workers' income will increase the damage. The rest of the remaining population will be given to the people.

For example, in the California Bay Area, this meta pole in San Francisco's Metropolis, near the icy stronghold of Silicon Valley, is located in Seattle and Seattle in the Amazon, not just in the US, but in many others.

Valid data succeeded

Many of the applications that Amazon gave were to learn more about the plots of many cities in North America. These are good data that Amazon may use for them.

In America, Bezos's offer has been offered more than willing to use with distinct details, which, for example, is more speculative in developing Amazon's Delivery Infrastructure. (ANF / sda)

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