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20 minutes – the most popular smartphone in Switzerland

Swiss phones and surfaces using smartphone from iPhone or Samsung. One of the five names is Apple Group, South Korea or a device. Samsung has lost market share in this country. This is the result of a comparative survey for comparison comparisons.


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This year it was one of the most popular phones. The company managed to achieve a 3 per cent growth in Switzerland. Samsung had to go to the fountains. Market share has fallen by 39 to 36 percent.

Nokia's comeback

Nokia is celebrating the comeback. Finland's producer, Sony, has been reduced to 3%. The Japanese section's share fell from 4% to 2% (ranking 5). The third is going to Hawaii. But in Switzerland the Chinese market share is only 8 per cent.

In all, Android is a popular operating system in Switzerland. While Apple's iPhone is only installed on iPhone, all other smartphones are based on Android. 56 percent now uses an Android device that is 2 percent more than last year.

Most commonly used Apple devices. One of the ten cell phone owners has an iPhone 7 or 7 plus. The current Android flagship Samsung Galaxy S9 and the new Note models are not represented in the Top 10. "In Apple, consumers always use the expensive device price, but Android users have a low price, and new, more expensive Samsung smartphones do not work according to these expectations," says Jean Cloude Frick, Digital Expert.

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Not in use

However, the tools are not in use for a long time. One-third of users switch to another mode within a year, within two to five years within a year or two. The iPhone is using the iPhone for at least three years.

But what of old devices? According to Comparis, cell phones are packed in one-third of the respondents. Half of those 18-35 years old are in that fashion. That is not recommended by Fiak. "The higher ratio of rare raw materials is required for the production of a smartphone, so you should not use old cell phones properly or continue to use or do not come out of the drawer.

It is therefore recommended to distribute mobile phones to freak provider or manufacturer. It gives you financially: When you buy a new device, Apple and Samsung will get a certain amount of money on your mobile phone.


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