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20 Minutes – That is Samsung's first return phone


Focus your future smartphone screens. Many of these companies were convinced. Samsung is one of the world's largest smartphone manufacturers. On Wednesday, the SDC18 group on the Developer Conference, a tool with such a returnable display.


Would you buy a return phone?

There are many details about Samsung's unseen device. The phone looked briefly in a darker structure and the device stuck in the formless shell. It is vertically positioned, it's vertical.

Phone as tablet

The concept behind it: Although the smaller form factor, the device should be as large as a mini-tablet called the infinity-flux-display in open mode. Our productive capacity will begin in the next few months. In this new interface, the prototype has already shown that developers can optimize applications for their applications.

It does not have to be a gym. "First, the phone will be a magic but it will definitely spread," said Samsung's chief executive DJ Cohee last month at

Presentation of a device in San Francisco (Video: Youtube)

Other manufacturers include

Last week, from California, Flexpai, a non-known company, Royole model, showed off. This tablet is a mobile phone combination. The device will cost about 1300 francs and will be available at the end of December. It is still unclear where it is being sold.

For example, Royal Flexible Combine unit is presented as Fluxpe. (Video: Youtube / Roy Corporation)

Other manufacturers present the same design next year. Leyker Evan Blas suspects that in January, the consumer electronics show in Las Vegas will also show a folding phone.

Benefits of Mole Design

Now if you ask yourself, there are different answers to bring in such a chilling phone. On the one hand it will be a great showcase designed for a compact form factor, on the other hand, multiple applications of the twin XL screen are simultaneously useful. Or: A keyboard on a display will be displayed in the second display of the content.

Overall, the new screen technology is completely built with new mobile phones. As this is a new product category, some teeth may have problems.

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