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TV: The Giant Rock of Oscar – The Crash against Varabegg in the Suvarnan tribe


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Oscar Hairs
In the first qualifier, Smashesgang Homeburne scored 4-2. Next season is very close to playing next season.
All respect for the battlefield, "says OscarShahan-Phillip Jaggerbacksk, c.

In the current year, Boruss dropped four and four points. The first match in the team was Oscar Hamans AIG, Division 1 South of Smolland.

That was far from the Halpage Think.

Oskarsham, who first came to the top of the division in 2013, verbarke is shocked. Emil was shot from penalty spot in the scope. After half an hour, it's too late. After a defensive fight, William Kevst topped the score 2-0, 3-0.

Holland Lagage scored a goal 3-1, but then scored goal in 4-1. Finally, Vorbourg reduced the time, and the match ended at 4-2, and did not take into account the fact that the ossification was for a large crowd.

"Finally we get a severe punishment, but we do our utmost to go for war effort," says OscarShahan Philip Jagerbubck.

"We are doing a good job and we need humility from the second one in the second match." In 2018, we have displayed the ossarshot shown here, including a good transformation game.

OscarShar has a good starting point before returning to the Halt return on November 18.

"We think we've had a good strategy in this game, but now we'll see how they play at home, which may take with the leaderboard, but the last goal will be a lot of competition on Sunday," Jagrbrink said.

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