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The agent says Adrianan Raibiot of PSG is "Banda Chachra"

The mother should work for her

OffPatrick Brenting

Adrian Rabbit's mother and agent, Vironik Rabiot, demanded action against the PSG.

This is the midfielder's "take hold" PSG.

– Soon it's dry bread, water and a pit. The world is a horrible place, from Veronic to L-ipip.

Adrian Roberts was pulled out of a team of PSG after the team withdrew from the Champions League after refusing to abandon the expulsion from the club. A situation where the mother and agent Vironik will be put on the rooftop roof.

"No longer accept it"

– Full control over Adrien's privacy can not accept it anymore as PSG wants. They prefer 21 p.m. on TV at Pajamas and on 23rd bed. They do not know the rhythm of life of a soccer player. When a player tries to play it is his job and training creates a space. There is no one for ADR. Do not stay idiot while waiting to go. He must take care of himself and live! It's critiqued to leave, but can not play at the same time. This is contradictory. It is not possible to close him to him. I do not use all the energy inside him … I'm upset, says Véronique Rabiot in Equipe in Getty FrankFootball.

1 in 2 | Photo: Camilion / TT Newsletter / NBB Scanpix on Cam

Adrian Rabaty now practices secretly at the time of waiting for suspension at the end of months. This summer, PSG will have to wait a spring without a 23-year-old match before leaving.

– Adrien is like a prisoner. He was a band of the PSG. Dried bread and water is a little ditch. The world is a cruel place … a football player should not sit in the game. Adrian did not play since December, and maybe even not be able to do it even before June. In a professional period, at least six months long. Because he was not willing to sign a contract, he was arrested. Andreen asks all that: they honor his agreement.

Boot against Neymar

Veronik asks the French government to respond.

– I'm surprised that the sports minister and the ministry of labor are outraged. Many people know it, but no one does anything. There were a number of sanctions against Aderna, but nobody was working. They have taken his bonuses and part of his salary but not everyone is silent. About six o'clock players take part in the meeting (Rubyot in the match against Marcelli). Then others were injured. But going to the other side of the car to Carnival in Rio, Veronica Rubyatt says, Niemar.

In the 2010 Champions League, they won 00:53

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