Wednesday , March 22 2023

Talking about reducing home prices


Increased interest rates, real wage increases, and relatively large increases in the new home. The chief economist of Dansk Bank said:

Few Startup Residence buildings, but many of the newly opened ones are still in the market. Stock photography.Picture: Thomas One Group / SCD / TT

The economy of the economy goes ahead.

"There was a big cover, and I'm not seeing it in the future to change it," says Michael Gran, Chief Economist at Dans Bank.

He points out that there is a possibility of increasing the costly rate. Real wage increase, wage increase and inflationary stagnation.

– They're going down to zero now. The real wage was up 2.5 percent a year ago.

In addition, the recent construction of new housing is huge. Statistics: Building statistics from Monday shows that the start of the building decreases. Further analysis of Dansby Bank shows that few apartments will start with more than five years after the first construction.

Still, this system is slow and still has new houses in the market, and now there are some 50,000 apartments now.

"It will take years to clear the home construction that it produces and will be balanced in years to come," says Grun.

This indicates the price rise already. Already newly built surplus is already in the metropolitan area. Danske's bank and his colleagues have dropped home prices by 5-10 per cent on last year's decline. That prophecy has already been put to shame.

"But I guess the housing price will still fall," says Grun.

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