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Philip Forbes and Viktor Arvindson are also credited as a helper in a match between Dallas and Nashville. The final score was 5-6 in Nashville.

Tennessee's team has won 1-3 points after two players.

We will never leave. Today, 3-1, it was close to 4-1, Matthias Echolmel says on nhl.com.

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New York Rangers Micah Sibanjazad scored a goal at regular play and gave a penalty for the meeting with Columbus.

As soon as the competition ends, self-confidence will be strengthened. The third match will help you understand the game, "said Nachville's coach Peter Laollele.

Nashville is a strong success

Nashville's Victor Arensson once again missed two games. But Kallein jarrock crashed. Dallas John Clingberg did not work anymore. It says that at least four weeks have passed since Klingberg completely restored.

With success, Nashvi has been steady in eight matches. Third at the start of an NHL season. In the 2006-2007 season, Buffalo won his first ten games and won the first nine seasons in New Jersey in 2009-2010.

"We Melanized"

The meeting between New York Tornachers and Columbus was an extended story. Mykka Sibanjad presented early management goals to New York, but Columbus acknowledged.

After a regular game, the score was 4-4. Sibenijad Rangers were convicted by Kevin Shutnakki, Jimmy Vase, Columbus Cam Atkinson, Pierre Luke Duoboe and others.

The finish line was 5-4.

We have fought back. We calm down when we played like that we liked, and we will do our best. We have to get it back, and we thought, "said Sibanjazad of the Reivars Twitter account.

The defender Alexander Gargji was replaced by Henrik Lundquist.

We have two goalkeepers who have two opportunities to win each evening. We appreciate that, we make them happy, "said Sibanjad.

Alexander Wenberg won his first goal in the season.

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