Wednesday , September 28 2022

She wants to be Christiegger's prime minister – still not going to vote- P4 jongponging


Prime Minister Ulf Kristenson will vote in parliament tomorrow. Annie Lof is back after the announcement today. Since then, no Liberals have been told.

Raldsad will vote as Usta Cristinson (M) as Prime Minister or Prime Minister on Wednesday at 9.00 am. He can not accept the risk. Liberals also said they should not vote.

When we became Prime Minister, Ulf Cristinson is still our first choice. But this time, if not voted, it is a government that can become a slave to the Swedish Democrats, "said Emma Calzon Lofdahl, a member of parliament from Exo.

But according to a number of surveys, you want more than half of your voters today to appoint Uptowners as prime minister, do they feel cheated now?

"We have a clear electoral alliance with the electoral alliance that we want, but we do not intend to make an alliance with the Swedish Democrats.

Christian Democrats are disappointed in the Liberal election. Ultimately, it is not expected that Ultra Carlson and Ulster Christensen from KDD group Mulsjo in Raldsag.

"Of course, I hope we've reached our suggestions," he says.

Do we have a new government?

"I hope the UF Christisans will announce support tomorrow and have a new government on Thursday.

Do you think you have a chance?

– No, that's not like that.

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