Monday , May 29 2023

Reidstrom: “Looks like a traitor


After the season, Henrik Ridstrom leaves Sirius, thus leading the team to the final on Sunday. Earlier this week, Reidstrom said he was leaving the commuter route from Kalmar to Uppsala under pressure.

Reidstrom summarizes his time at Sirius, saying he thinks the team has become more “vertical” with the “best press game.” At the same time, he believes he has learned a lot.

– I’m really learned things myself, working on teams based on football. One thing I learned after signing up after Kim and “Toll” was that it would be a balancing act on how a player can continue to do what he likes and establish a new culture, he tells UNT.

Reidstrom says he believes Sirius will find a new, better coach.

I think Sirius and Ola (Anderson, the sports director) are a traitor to trouble, but not in the sense of a monster coach who can not be replaced. He will find a good coach, but not as qualified as me, he tells the newspaper and laughs.

Rydstrom Allswenskan put together 11th place Mirza Zhelechk, Uppsala team, last season. Sirius is currently 10th in the All-Svens Scan, but with 38 points after 29 rounds compared to 29 points last year after 30 overs.

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