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Red Dead Redemption 2


Rockstar Games have just begun to appear as rock stars at least once. They can see all the games that are made of repeated games, and encourage fun characters to open up to the world with open-minded thinking. It is not surprising that in most cases the budget of the latest games in their "portfolio" is bigger than the Hollywood film, Red Dead Redemption 2 does not seem to be an exception – instead the opposite.

The introductory, narrowly detailed intro, the slow play, and the complicated game falls into the mechanics. The story of the film "Van der Lind time" is also a defining story. Game Design. When this sermon is called, the big game world is presented in full. Not only does it take place with the limited surface of "prologue" but also its beautiful views.

The characters in the characters like John Maston, Susan Grimshaw, Lenny Samers, Horse Mathews, and the characters of the film, Arthur Morgan, are only associated with story-related events. Without responding to actions, in arthical dress and in the welfare of Arthur. Player needs the precision to take care of such guides to the main character. If he is dirty when he is thrown into the clay, he weeps and grows very much with his head and beard. He is shining and boring in multiple ways. Even if this kind of details are away from you, finding similar thinking in your own game is a big part of the game playing games like Red Dead Redemption 2. So with this eagerness.

One of the characters in the world, the one with animals and gestures is how they interact with the environment. If you think a little more detail about the art and technique you can use than the mud or paw stamps, Arthur, his bunch of pulses, or the rain falling in two clothes, the hairs and the ground, in short, are essential. As necessary, the characters interact with all kinds of things I have not seen before. In short, the question looks like realistic when choosing a bowl of character beans and attaching the gun to the paddle again. Each movement has no stroke, no chicks and feathers, and in each movement, within a certain limit, the end of the character and the beginning of the object.

In such a large, comprehensive, well integrated world, definitely concentrates on focusing on many important things. Of course, Rockstar games survive my expectations in many places, and I do not know where to start. But I think the possibility of hunting animals is one of the best starting points. The game of hunting animals is nothing else in the world because the success of Red Dead Redemption 2 is more than just a animal shoot and the use of parts of the body to cook. The impact of animals has a beige skin to create useful things and special hairs for the sale or helping of clothing. The long-distance journey to the cold mountains of hot clothes can mean different rewards, depending on how hunting is. The best single-bear shooting does not have to give a qualitative joke, and a shotgun is a well-set pair of pairs.

It's not enough to keep players, weapons, meat, hair and horns anywhere. All this does not fit in Arthur's pocket. If you have not forgotten the hunter's hunt, it might be in the picture. While a West game is a Western game, the ability to carry a horse, and a Redded 2 horse, is a lot of traveling wagging wagons, often argent's best friend.

To get the maximum of your horse, it needs to create a strong connection. First of all, you need to be careful, give teeth and feed. However, after a hot sprint, it can be closed or restrained from a set of bands. His horse handling is a reflection of a companion who is faster, more stable, more easy and bulletproof, and more difficulties are ignored when the bullets are overcome. Various types of horses are available. Some can be seen in the desert, while others can buy. They are different in terms of patience and speed.

However, horse is not the only way to travel. Trains or hiking trains or hiking trails in town or town. More opportunities are open because of the many opportunities. However, the "teleporting" commonly seen in other big open world-class competitions is not offered at certain occasions, but it may seem good and bad at the same time. On the one hand, when you want to sell from the new Yachch exchanges, you are disappointed to move between the desert and the city life. On the other hand, the game hides the space game myth and time. The only thing I personally appreciate is not the only thing that wildlife performs primarily on the main tasks.

Every trip, in any direction, has something to excite on the road. If it does not attract a legendary mascot, perhaps a stranger who needs horses help or a set of gangs trying to steal. Or, a snake knocks out of the jungle, asks a reputation or invites strangers to dinner. Arthur offers to buy friends from the "The Van der Lind time" ride, or wild treasure maps after a chat. Or … Yeah, as you might know, there are a lot of things that are happening between all the places you want to visit the wild beast. Believe me, this is just a part of all the exciting things that can happen in all of the glorious world promised in Red Dead 2.

The game takes its time, but it's time to do what you want to do to underline all the valuable ways in every second. Even if you combine all together through a single touch of touch, it adds beautifully western inspiration to music, horse with their nails and patch from an unknown bird species. However, sometimes the weary one is sometimes disappointed. In at least the more stressful and disabled sections, you will not take a long time to take a different weapon on the ground where you want. Or you can not keep it difficult to drown the body well. In most cases, pace is quite appropriate.

As already mentioned, you may feel that you may not talk much, but it actually exists. The last thing I want to say is that the game is in control, it is very much … very, good and bad. Each choice is generated by pressing keystrokes or keystrokes that you press for the same button for long. This layout provides different features for the same buttons in the event of some processes to "make a mistake". Combine the other layers with features in the same button as if the right button is pressed or not and we have a complex control schedule that takes too long to learn. Inevitable in such a massive game, yet I have a real complaint, one of the two complaints. Yet even when it comes to the regulatory system, there are bright spots. Several weak layers of control for easy and accessible quick features. For example, it's just a few names to adjust the size of the map without having the ability to switch to the first person's perspective by pressing a menu or a button.

When this review ends, I have no doubt that this game is worth your time. This game does not have a single chance of giving all the stories from the open world of a player's play and giving little indications around the game. I have not played a high quality game like Red Dead Redemption 2. I have no doubt that I can spend as much time as possible in West West at 2018.


  • The story is telling
  • Funny characters
  • Granado's premises
  • Advanced game world
  • Very detailed
  • Very different
  • Quiet hot speed
  • When exploring this
  • Horses and whatever they wish
  • Fishing and fishing


  • You will be slow to endure sometimes
  • Complicated control schedule


Written by: Sunny Johnson

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