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Prince Coach – Los Angeles – NHL


Los Angeles crown ended in the best of the Pacific Division, but it is said that the season is bad. The last defeat in the league in 13 matches and the disappointing consequence of the team is the team's performance. So, now select General Manager Rob Blake To remove it John Stevens From the role of head coach to assistant coach Don Knobby.

Not depends on what the basis for expression is, in the introduction of existence of existence. Defensive game with extraordinary confusion over the team that lost in the last season lost in the loss of the team. In such a development, it is clear that Blake's recent weekly reprint was insufficient and therefore decided to act.

Willie DejaJardinsFor the remainder of the season, Steve was in three seasons, Vancouver Cancer's chief coach. In 2017, he withdrew from Kanks and became the head coach of the Canadian team. Peongchong Olympic Games in 2018 also won bronze. Marco stake An NHL career with most of the club's clubs also played 17 matches for the 11/11 season in 2010. The final stadium in Germany's national team will lead to the 2018 Australian final.

I do not think Kings is good for them because they want to see the expectations of Easter as I can understand the change of the trainer. They run good hockey competitions, including a six major cruise lobbies, but many players have not yet failed. But the coach's job is to inspire players and get as much as possible. Blake has the responsibility of both the two forces and coach recruitments, because he is still convinced that he believes in the team.

But the new coach will give importance to the team.

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