Tuesday , March 21 2023

Paris Hilton's affection – 10 months after engagement


37-year-old Paris Hilton is to begin this year at the Mrs. Silk & # 39; On the 33rd year.

But now the wedding plans are canceled.

According to information from TM, the couple will travel in different ways and leave for all future projects.

According to TJ's statistics, the couple had decided to marry a few weeks back. Paris Hilton realized it was not right for Chris Silica, but the couple are still friends.

In an Instagram post, the hotel earner wrote:

"I think everything will happen, it's wrong to change people who you can change, so you can agree with it, sometimes things are falling, so I can make good things." She writes in Instagram and mentions Marilyn Monroe.


Paris Hilton joined the Aspen

In connection with intervention, Paris Hilton appeared on the skiing trip aspen and showed pictures and movies from the room. This is also known as the most romantic moment in my life.

She showed an exclusive wedding ring worth two million dollars.

I feel that happiness and pleasure in engaging in the love of my life is my best friend, a sinner who has blessed me, dedicated, loyal, and happy, the happiest woman in the world. My dream is honest, thank you for showing me the characters in it! "Wrote in Hilton Instagram.

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