Friday , June 9 2023

Officially: Kalifornia Club


Since 2009, Tobias has played for Ericsson Kalmar FF.
After this season, midfielder leaves the club.
I've done a lot with Kalmar FF, "says Ericsson's website.

Five years after Giff Sundwell's, Tobias Erikson came to Kalmar in the 2009 season, midfielder was a key ball and was a captain of the team at times. In the past two seasons, players have become smaller. Ericsson left the club in the season.

"I have worked very hard with the Kalmar FFC, team, association and all the people in the city, welcome to me and my family, and you will take a lot of time here, including the Champions League qualification team, the Aussencen Series Finals and the allies against all the Swedish identity," Ericsson Club website He says.

He was in the process of performing 213 sweeps for Kalmar. A golden hunter

The first match at the Gudfegal Arena was a very important place. It started as a new success in the history of KFFI. Now the last game is expected Sunday. Episode says: "There are lots of emotions when going into that game.

The midfielder finally ended against Sirius. There are 9 start-ups and three seasons this season.

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