Thursday , August 11 2022

Methamphetamine Swedish Record Seizure | G.P.


According to Swedish Radio Ecot, police have seized 15 kilograms of drugs.

The record seizure was found in a car in south Stockholm in mid-December.

– Methamphetamine in large quantities is very unusual in Sweden. “I know the biggest amount the police have ever taken is two kilos,” said Christer Nilson, head of the police’s operational unit (NOA)’s investigative unit.

Christer Nilson says five people are in custody and there could be more arrests.

Methamphetamine is more potent than the usual amphetamine, and the drug has spread in the United States and elsewhere, as well as causing severe abuse. So the seizure of the Swedish record is very worrying, police said.

– It’s very dangerous to see if it’s caught in Sweden, it’s a dangerous drug, Christer Nilson tells Eckot.

Police found cocaine and more than 30,000 pills during the raid.

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