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Ledger or politicians' fees "Avoid bad decisions"

There is an alliance between the Liberals in the city of Liberty, Moderates, the Christian Democrats, the Lidding Party and the Liberals. The Committee has put forward tasks for municipal councils asking for policy fees to increase the deputy session of the city council.

Municipal chairman Daniel Kallenforce M, expected monthly pension of 108,800. This is 80 per cent of the government. There are currently 88,400 chronographs.

Other full-time employees Municipal Council, Birgitta Scholl, LP and Carl-Johan Shiller, the KD government has received 81,600 chronicles of 60 per cent government fees. The Amalys Tarsis Inger, L is the equivalent of SEK 81,600 from SEK 44,200 as the Liberals have joined the ruling majority.

However, the Opposition Council proposed to replace municipal council fees by 50 per cent has been reduced from 11,000 to 40 per cent. This is SEK 32,640.

Karl Johan Shillers (KD) parole according to his election site "Your Tax Payer, My Focus". He wants to point out that the political organization of Litigao is relatively low compared to other municipalities.

"We believe that all fees we have now made, and in the majority of those who are heavy-handed opposition, we have reasonable opportunities to do a good job," says Karl Johan Schiller, "with high support,

Then, what is the fee for the opposition council?

"You had a work committee because you knew that it was a mistake for you, now we have raised fee by 50 percent of a government council, probably about 2,000 less than a shortfall, when the president is not in a committee with a liaison policy This is more important than the municipal council.

Why did you ask me, or did you change that because it was wrong?

– That was wrong.

When you had 66,000 months, could you not put the high demands?

– Yes, you can definitely do that. But we have made a number of decisions and have done a office that has been demolished and rebuilt by the office. We want to avoid that. Taxpayers will spend millions of dollars. With this new system we will do all the more needs of all politicians in Lyidi.

Your parole "Your tax money, my attention." Will the slogan be fun when you raise your own fees to pay taxes?

"We want to avoid bad decisions, it's cheap with better decisions, so we can protect the taxpayer's money.

Lindongo's Center Party, Social Democrats, Environmental Party, do not advocate majority opinion on wage increases. A press release said that these parties should be replaced by municipalities.

The municipal council is unlikely to raise their wages by up to 22,000 a month by reducing compensation to the members of the Ö group, and the majority speaks about the efficiency of the city organization, but Patrick Buddgård (C) says it is a political organization.

City Council in Stockholm Anna König Jerlemyr (M) is also offering a fee of 80 per cent. But Lidocidin says that Kennel Gerlermar takes control of 960,031 people. Lydido has 47,712 people.

Dann Regional Council chairman Daniel Kallenforce (M)

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