Thursday , September 29 2022

Jenny Abraham is the solo in the film bar


Singers, singers, and multi-minute Jenny Abrahams, special sounds, and especially vocal are at an anglecount, with the help of synthesizer, drum machine, hands and feet, she handles all skills.

"You can not include everything, but on the other hand, it's fun to break songs to their smallest components to bring them together." That walk will capture that footstep.

For security, she has hit 50 times in the next months. Where is everything She does not like to think of a throat and worry about wrongdoing.

– Focus on music program. While singing and singing in the form of singles, one or the other know whether certain actions are needed, it should be heard at the same time by feet.

Peter Gabriel, amongst the American giants in the stands, travels around Jenny Abrahamson and backed up a single one-day tour from Sweden.

"You live in a more comfortable hotel and look the same, it's all alone, stuff it out and plugged it all out. + You know, when you start it, you'll lose some more contact.

On Saturday, Jenny is plenty, ie she wrote herself.

– But some surprises in the cover art.

Exactly who she does not reveal, it tells a lot and breaks the momentum.

"But I have had a lot of influence on my childhood music.

They said Peter had only one idol, and they would eventually meet.

"That was quite odd, definitely I was afraid of meeting him first.

"Reversarrizes" is her new album, which is the fifth in the scheme.

"It's a spoken word, but I liked the feelings of the lyrics, I'm using Draming, I'm translating it or doing something.

Jenny Abraham

Singers: Singers, Lyricist.

Done: five albums.

And so it was with the Peter of Gabriel and with the sting. Kate Bush and Gothenburg joined Symphonics. In Europe, "boo berry" participated and participated.

More: Psychology study in the program. "But eventually, I did not participate in the United States tournament."

From: Savar Utanfor Umi.

Year: 41

Living: Stockholm.

Listen: I am very disheartened, but 80s are music.

Current: On November 17th, the film will be directed to the Escalansa movie Bar.

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