Wednesday , March 22 2023

H65 is not enough: "We'll come back again"


In the EHF Qualifying Competition, the Half Faulster was very difficult. In the second match, he lost to 23-27. – That's very bad. Michael Brass said that he wanted to continue playing very fast as we did for this fall.

H65 coach Ola Månsson is trying to shine in his team.


EHF Cup, Third Quomom

H65 23 (10)

Faulster 27 (16)

Phillsters adds the players 54-47

Along with nine goals, Anna Johansson, a bowler who has played against a strong Danish team led by former league player Anna Lahrquist.

"It started well, we were burning, but our head was not included.

The HAF is the best in the Swedish League, which has 18 points in nine games.

However, it will take some time to make the best of European competitions.

"Clearly we are full time professionals that we met, and we're not there," said H65 coach Ol Menson.

"We can not delete the loss, the dines are much better than us." We tried to take the place but it did not work well and they were bigger and stronger.

Danish dominance and stands were fed. Just over 300 Danish proponents swallow them as hundreds of handball enthusiasts from Hoyer trapped in Eslöv for their dear support. The home hall is too small for a match in this house.

This made a handball party of 926 viewers. The pressure was not wrong, but it abandoned the ability to bring it to the group gaming.

"We did not play in Homer, we had a lot of support, but we had good support, but nicobbing improved in the folster, that was the disappointment of the Michael Brauss.

The H65 never came near, except for the first 10-minute period. Later, Johann Württemberg was beaten by Lörke Nolsøe – eight goals in his penalty and the captain of the Danish national team.

In the second half, Anna Hazare scored 14-21 in Nagapping Folster's second goal in 14.21.

Out of the nine goals at one time. But at the last moment, the Nikohing Phalster took the B record for the record.

"We'll come back anytime, even if it's heavy," Michael Brass said.

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