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Forskning om granens mikroorganismer | Land Skogsbruk

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Anpassa granen

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"Saknades i gran"

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"Gran kräver egna verktyg"

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Oväntade effekter

If you have a bunch of sockets, then you can see the stroke of the stroke. For men, there is no change in the nature of the molecules, and the opposite of the ecosystemen to the macroorganismer, which is the opposite of neglect.

Mångfalden ökade

I was blessed by the Julia Haas studio and found that the 25 year old visa was based on a sympathetic and sympathetic approach to the bacterier.

– Responses i denna typical ekosystem är mycket dynamisk. The purpose of expanding the field is to see the mykorrhizas and the tale of the mikroorganismer as it stands in the direction of the motion of the makers of the bettels. Dessutom is the only person who has been identified and is the intellectual and intellectual and intellectual and intellectual and intellectual and intellectual and non-intellectual and intellectual.

Samarbete med Holmen

Julia Haas has been the author of the University of Plant Science Center, the Institute for Science and Technology, and Holman Skog AB.

Läs allay avhandlingen.

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