Friday , January 27 2023

Decrease price and reduce mail delivery


Perhaps many have noticed that the postcard has ended in blue weather. Do you remember the late posterior voting bill?

Now is the time again. Digitization has taken us. Many people use their mail each day, such as e-invoices to close bills and store grocery stores with weekly weekends.

Reduce mail delivery days

Postcode now wants to check the digitalization trend. But not digital, but it does not distribute as it currently exists. Today, mail is shared Friday, five days a week. In addition to some ads, the weekend is completely free.

But the postcode is now introducing an interview to Echot that wants to reduce the days of mail delivery. But it does not end there, you want to increase the price of stamps and, reports 24 Uppsala. Is this the end of an era?

Loss of four years

The fact that the postdort dividend has been cut in days and stamps are rising, is that the company lost four years. Yes, that's true. The poster has not gone plus since 2012, writes 24 Uppsala.

Why? This is the digitization process that you can actually capture.

More and more emails are sent to digital. Is it not uncommon for you to get a bill via digital mailbox or mail?

Leave the five-day rule

"We want to show you that you do not need this five days, we determine how low the letter is, if we do not go to a lost business we think at a point where we can not spend five weeks a week. Angry guard Head master Sweden head EcoTo, 24 yoopusala reports.

But you do not know when this works, depends on how fast the digitalization goes.

Uyther 24 Postnard mailboxes were destroyed before Copenhagen was destroyed. Many mail boxes have food and can not be tied to mail. You can read more here.

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