Friday , March 24 2023

Consulting giant companies in Jankagoging have purchased


Consulting company Rech Consulting four years ago, Sharlot Heidenbone (CEO) and Yutatter Berglund (Deputy CEO) were founded. Today, there are 40 employees with a turnover of 26 million, based on the company's Jonkoping and Linkping Centers. It focuses on the development of product capabilities in software, testing, validation, mechanics, and electronics.

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They change their names

Earlier they had a rech for Starb and CEO. But now the B3 Consulting Group AB is 65 per cent. Founders increase their stocks (35 percent). A new name B3 will be rech Consulting AB.

B3 Consulting, founded in 2003 as B3IT, is fast growing consulting firm with eight operations – Ten Pension Companies and 500 Employees through Recycling Consultation. They are listed in Nastak Stockholm and concentrate on IT and Management Senior Consultants.

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It's a good match

The change in ownership for recharge consulting means that their asset means expanding their business, including public enterprises, by keeping their profile "the best company of indigenous people".

"It gives us more opportunities to work with greater opportunities in private and public sectors," says Charlotte Héden when he was born on the phone.

– B3 consulting is sharing the basis of our values, and how we operate. We can stay on continuously and it will be better. We did not stay in Jongoping and Lonpopi, so we are a good match.

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