Wednesday , March 22 2023

Black Friday is expected to sell billions of dollars


Swedish trade is selling around 6.4 billion to 6.6 billion chronicles. The Swedish market expects 18-25 per cent increase over the last year.

Five days ago, Black Friday was entering Sweden. But last year, Black Friday fell sharply in sales last year. "Says Joan Davidson, chief economist, Swedish Trade.

"People know what's coming this day"

Clothing, consumer electronics, beauty and healthcare products have been sold over the past. In addition to the trademark trademark, four of them are expected to have some kind of promotion. In 2017 it is 30 percent.

"I think people have become more aware of this day, and they know that every year is growing this year," said Center Manager in Norkpong Kenneth Malmberg.

Center Manager Kenneth Malmberg and Store Manager Emelie Johansson show more about Black Friday in the above clip.

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