Saturday , June 10 2023

After Timslånd, the train stopped at Öresund Bridge


On Saturday, at 13 o'clock, all trains crossed the Öresund Bridge. The stop is only valid for one day and is due to the planned maintenance work.

There are trailer buses between Malmö C and Kastrup Airport. On Saturday, at 20 o'clock, noise is expected to increase as the railway traffic between Copenhagen Airport and the central station is set for maintenance work.

Full chaos

But more passengers say Kastrup is Saturday afternoon full chaos. Bo Gryck, who works in Kastrup but lives on the Swedish side of the Strait, is waiting for more than a hundred people.

"Finally, Kastrup's staff directed the line, otherwise it would be anarchy, but I think it should have been the Danish DSB and the Skånetrafik, which was advertised several days ago and it was time to design it.

There were unusually many families with children who were waiting for regular travelers and tourists. With Bo Gryck, he believes this is the halloween celebration at Tivoli, and everyone who had been in the fall was coming home now.

"Finally, families with children were given priority, so the buses were first introduced," he said.

"Better to handle"

– Unfortunately, it is not expected that passengers will be on the stretch, there is too little bus and no staff available. It's too bad that it has not been better yet, "says Michael Randropp, who claims that hourly lines are waiting for a bus.

"It is very inadequate," he says.

Thomas Andersson traveled to Kastrup on Saturday afternoon. He shows complete chaos.

"I felt like he was coming to a U-country when everyone here and there. Bus drivers were worried and the hosts could not paralyze the big crowds, which meant that many of them had difficulty getting both bags and following the same bus in chaos, the one that prevailed, wrote an email to the Kvällsposten.

The fog is overflowing

When he finally reached Sweden, Öresund trains were abolished and all passengers referred to a Pågatåg.

"The train was loaded quickly with bags in a single mess. Families had to share each other.

"There is full chaos everywhere, fog looks like India, overcrowded and uncontrollable," says Thomas Andersson critically about the operation of the body and believes that planning would be better, a fall break.

At 17.30, Thomas was on a train running on Sösdala. Overall, the seven men traveled together, now scattered.

"Some have fallen into Hyllie, but we can be sure we are moving forward," he writes.

No verification

Another traveler, Ivana Gligorijevic, 39, says she has to wait half an hour to go to a bus.

"Many people in Kastrup are waiting and waiting, but we do not have any buses. Those who are available do not eat, he says.

It is also critically affected by the fact that the queue is broken. He thinks that a group of people was released into the bus stop, but without checking how many people went on or how many seats on the bus.

"Some people had to go back after me, because there is no place," he says.

Magnus Wikforss, communications officer at Skånetrafiken, regrets the discomfort caused by banning work.

I'm sorry for the problems

Stopping rail traffic has long been known, and Skånetrafiken has been trying to get it as far as possible.

– Departures are scheduled for 20 minutes, and every bus has 3-4 buses. However, it is difficult to reach the capacity of the trains, and therefore discomforts may occur. We are sorry, says Magnus Wikforss.

During the night the buses will go to Denmark and Malmö C.

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