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This way you will transfer your favorite content!

Do you start a day from reading the news and early social networks on the web? As you work, some e-mails may be waiting for you on the computer, and you want to see some fun video in a short time. The world wide web is our window into the world; Communicate with us, what we do, we listen to music and play video content. We all want to do it as smoothly as possible, save Telenus, the largest gigga network in Slovenia.

Every Internet user deserves a better user experience. It is based on the quality and speed of the Internet connection, providing you with the right infrastructure. Taking into consideration the tele-telecom's ultimate customer satisfaction over the years, it is building huge amounts of lakhs of assets. Giga network In the past one year in Slovenia, Internet access has been accelerated, which is up to 1 GB. For a better user experience, subscribers have signed up to 70,000 receivers, cards and modes for free. Along with this, all users have prepared for a larger service that is very much in line with our daily life.

High speed, state of the art function

With smartphones, high speed Giga networks To EON receiver It provides 7 days of all programs, 14,000 names in the video club, and 4K high-definition programs, allowing the state-of-the-art-art system. Over 80% of Giga is capable of speeding up, but they try to cover the entire Giga network across Slovenia. The new generation's Giga network enables uninterrupted and uninterrupted use of existing technology, while preparing for future technology.


Fast EON packages for the same price

Strikingly successive Slovenian company Telécu is writing the story. This time again, they are happy with subscribers because they are flexible EON packages They made the Internet faster at an unlimited price. It's in the package EON LIGHT So it has increased from 75 to 100 Mbps, in the package EON is complete Package ranging from 150 to 250 Mbps EON PREMIUM 300 to 500 Mbps. So the favorite content will be downloaded twice as fast.


Teleom will be upgrading new EON packages, all EON packages will be available for the first 12 months in a special campaign for new Es. 29.90 Euros Monthly.

The announcement message is the telecom user.

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