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Huawei phones are famous for their extraordinary camera. The latest model is different from the 20 Tri Triple Leaked Camera. This has been found in light conditions. The quality of the photographs on it can also be seen with the "Day of Cell" exhibition.

Over 80 billion photos were created in the background of the Millennium. Three years later, the figure grew to 660 billion. Today it is $ 1.5 trillion. What we are talking about today's photography is a rotten person. Today, we take more photos than ever.

Permanent memory
The photographer is a way of expressing. By expressing our feelings, we can immortalize an amount of momentum that can be viewed again and again with the perspective of photography, and share the beauty of the surroundings in front of our lens to a whole extent all over the world. Photographs have powerful messages and can bring a person's joy, sadness and indifference. Think about the warm feelings that fly through your family while you are traveling in the family album. Every photo has its own story. That's the story
Sometimes the words are hard to describe and capture. They say, the photo says a thousand words.

The importance of today's photographs is Huey's second biggest smartphone maker. Their phones are known for their cameras at certain times. The DXOMark has provided a P20 Pro rating on the top of the photographic chart, or the main reference in this region. Huawei joined lego years ago to develop cameras for phones.

One click photo
The latest results come in comparison with the Met 20 Pro camera camera in the middle of the day in the middle of October. Through this phone, alpha and omega confirmed in Huawei Photography. Its extensive artificial intelligence and its triple camera identifies various different real-life real-time settings, such as exposure, contrast and color saturation, so that the users get the best
Photos in different circumstances.

Through its ultra wide angle lens, it captures a more wider view of the surroundings, gives a broader and even three-dimensional photographs. The new camera system supports the macro photography and a photo of nearby shots, which capture sharp photos of objects, and they stay about 2.5 cm away from the lens. Lika's triple camera is ready to capture an event like this.

It can refer to a special night mode where you can capture incredible sharp photos without having to blur at low light when you have the handset in your hands.

One day in cell lane with three lenses
Photos taken with the latest Huawei phone can make your best of quality. In cooperation with professional photographer Urško Premik, Huaweau made a photography and "Day in Cell", you can see the pictures by copying only the 20 Pro Phone. You're waiting for a trip through Street Magic, a triple camera. For this, Huawei phones have become a real partnership with professional photographers.

You can see the "Day of Cell" exhibition.
– In Celje, shopping center city center, from November 5 to November 11.
– in Ljubljana, shopping center supernova, between November 18 and November 31.
– Liiblana, shopping center Maxi Pasage, December 1 to December 15

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