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The top proportion should pay a higher compensation: & # 39; We do not have this money & # 39;

A short court in Morben, Romana Pajancock, Milan Lau and Vitto Vestrovski, a former chief of Probanka, received a worse damages due to a bad loan to the metro. Now they say they have no money to pay the compensation. How is this possible, what happens in other similar cases, as well as claims for compensation against NLC leaders?

First we give the probenca Romano Pajenk The inquiry commission on suspicious business and credit, as well as questioning a banking serial before and after the bookmarks were encountered. "I do not remember credit transactions"They said.

In 1991, she was the first woman in the Special Forbes Bank. GAS award is for the award, the richest Slovak Forum, founder of Forum 21. When the liquidity of Bank of Slovenia started in 2013, the hole created by its head was deeper than some 200 million euros.

It leads to three banks Vitom Verstovskogo Inside Milan L After the decision of the High Courts of the Employees, she will have to pay an additional compensation of 1.5 million euros in interest and expenses. Because of the bank's co-owner Medalan's debt through other companies, it took up three of the above. But now you do not have to pay for a lost compensation.

Romania does not remember PayPal credit transactions.PHOTO: POP TV

In 2012, Pajonkova and Lauva signed a debt of € 300,000. In their bow in the Tombsville mobile, they started untouchability. Pagengo is now in retirement and is expected to get 2,000 euros pension. The overseas deposit is worth 200,000 euros along with her oath. La'wa'o is an entrepreneur. Vesrovski has to get unemployment compensation.

The measures against bankers are slowly taking into consideration the number of cases in which they are affected. According to the prosecution of the Banking Criminal Procedure, SDT has another 75 cases. There is little knowledge of how banks succeed in dealing with disasters. We asked the NLB to inquire about the extent to which the compensation was filed in August 2014. He was sitting there Mathieut Narutha We are not responsible for the answer to how much they have achieved in other cases.

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