Tuesday , March 21 2023

The Slovenske novice is enough to close your annual subscription


This year's Slovenian news users are inviting users to receive an annual welcome of your favorite magazine. We will provide an annual subscription of a printed newspaper published in the lowest and most valuable value of 2019. We will pay the annual subscription fees till December 17, 2019. At this time you can redeem your offer when closing your annual subscription.
We know that a one-time payment for a subscription will be a burden on your personal or family budget or your company's budget. But we believe that you recognize the value of the yearly entries of your favorite newspaper content and you know the annual saving saving to improve your budget next year. Also, you are avoiding the possibility of closing monthly bills by paying one time out.

Digital content – best for annual payers

We know that you can read digital content from readers, and we know you will get free access anytime anywhere. There may be a partner, children or grandchildren, who are more comfortable with digital content. Want to share a journal on digital form for colleagues? Choose a digital package for your magazine to give you more access to sharing and accessing content from different devices. Digital packs give you access to your publisher and special editions of all standard attachments, which should be included in the hard copy.
We will allow all papers of the yearly subscriptions Special benefits with the only payment of digital packages. Slovenia News Annual Pendvars, printed at least 5 days of weekly payments to Slovenian digital news packages Only 18 euros a year.

Gifts and Benefits
We've prepared a GIFT for this year's Salary for this Yearly Yearly Payment Anniversary: ​​Special digital editions from the edition of the work edition like Annual Horoscope OneLlopes 2019, Aeschow Susie and Vesala Kona Vedua, written by Deloque Journalist. Shortly after payment, we will send you invoice and code to access all the special editions to the digital form. When you order small ads and intros, you get 30% discount.

Contact us and we will prepare a budget. You will also get additional information for annual subscriptions, saving, subscription packages, or 080 11 99, or e-mail. This e-mail address is being protected from spam boats. You need JavaScript for a look..

Here you can find the details of the annual subscriptions. The printed versions are 9.5% VAT and Digital sell 22%.

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