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The glass and the cover for the phone is a better choice than the insurance!

You chose a long way and bought a new mobile phone and purchased a few hundred pounds, and the information collected from all of your friends was finally read with the expert comments you finally found for yourself. But did you forget something, something vital? Yes, you are right, I'm protecting it properly.

If you have purchased a new mobile phone, it's certainly certainly worth considering, for example, phone cover, toughened glass or throw. You're still very careful, careful, and you'll be quick to forget that you have a phone in your pocket, which can be very fast from your pocket. If you look at everything that is lost, nothing will help you. External damage is usually a minor problem. You know that mobile phones are like small laptops, but do not think you should fall to the ground. So when purchasing a new mobile phone, you must ensure that it is protected. Phone covers with protective and powerful glasses are a great choice.

If your phone already has security, can you still cover the phone?

A suspicious question is that they have already purchased a phone that has already taken care of the materials to protect it, which will not be destroyed immediately and is made of gorilla glass. Have you ever watched false tests, how do these bad phones affect you? It's just a meter to your ate, it's sprayed like a spider web, with a good glass and back side and a thin layer of glass. But when removing glass, note that some manufacturers can not afford it or spend a new glass on the new phone. Therefore, iPhone covers are also essential, as well as Huawei Covers Samsung Covers.

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The injuries are very clear

It rotates on the screen and the liquid burns down to the ground, sinks in the stain and gets very interesting. But 20% of the injuries happen to the toilet bowl at the expense of the phone's fall. The reason for your phone may be "malicious".

So when buying a new phone, do not hesitate to buy a security, but be the latest or the latest when you buy your phone.

For you, we've done a short survey of what kind of care is best, so let's look at the results.

Fosal covers are much better than the protective glass

SmartSlam | Author: Spaslam


We know that new phones are to be protected in the edges, but it is clear that the phone covers will not provide adequate protection on the back and front. The font covers are good for the back and back of the screen, the screen is not entirely safe. To protect the screen, you must use the Coptic Glass – Do not choose foilBecause it protects you only of small scratches, but does not include more deep cuts.

Which phone cover will be selected in the set of offers? If you really want to be protected, you need to select Rinke or Spee. If you have a small choice, you will find it anywhere at on the SmartSlam website. Otherwise, the phone cover of these two manufacturers is slightly more robust, but very unusual. Not only the last one, they are slightly above the screen, so the screen is protected against flat faults directly in front of the fot.

Of course you can decide on variants in TPU covers, but do not expect high quality protection. But the price difference is noticeable, so you can not avoid the best of the worst.

Toughened glass on phone covers is required

This glass did not appear until 5 years ago, but it still existed today in spite of uncertainty. There are many options here, but you do not have much to lose. See only this, Glass must be on the entire side of the screen, But the side does not have an unprotected edge, as we mentioned earlier, the phones will most often fall to the edges.

If you buy a cover for a glass of phone, then notice that they are only fitting on the edges, but covered the glass. So it's best to buy a glass and a phone jack with a single dealer.

Finally, phone insurance

Although many insurance companies offer insurance and some mobile operators for many years, we can say that insurance coverage is not fully implemented. How much do you have to pay for insurance within two to three years, and you earn your insurance benefit.

Do you think insurance can be paid for 3, 4 or 5 years? Do you know how much you pay? The amount of insurance amount is adjusted to the value of the phone, which means you can pay back the phone in cheaper phones and in the specified time frame. However, if there is any damage, you have a problem with the insurance company "Classical complex" If you want to do something, you will get wrinkles all around. By the end of the year, the yearly expiration is less, although it is a relatively small monthly sum, they are not small on an annual basis.

The insurance is harder than the phone cover!

Compared to the best phone covers with the best glasses, we can see that the insurance is very expensive, even when looking at the insurance price. In addition, the purpose of the defense is contrary to these two options: Focus on covers, protective glasses, and other insurance cover.

We know your phone will always be available, so we do not directly deal with insurance company so that we can catch up with a phone because of a phone in a hidden business trail in the business practice. Be careful to prevent a preventative immunity If you do not already, you already have to take care of. The offer of these products has been reviewed at a smart level in SmartSlam. They are rated best and offer only high quality, better coverage, cases and glasses. All other devices. Two Samsung Covers, Huawei Covers and all other brands are available.

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